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Enhance your user experiences and user satisfaction through the development of innovative UX designs.


Who should use this service

If you are a technology leader in need of a solution that is engaging and easy to navigate, and in one of the following situations:

  •  You are not satisfied with your current UX
  •  You need fresh ideas and insights
  •  You want seamless UX across multiple platforms
  •  You need UX design for a new product
  •  You require a heuristic review and audit of your current UX

UX Design Benefits

  • Enhanced user experience for your users
  • Custom solutions for your unique brand and objectives
  • Increased conversion and customer satisfaction
  • Improve the usability and responsiveness of your solution
  • A data-driven, user-centered approach to your project

How UX Design works

As Sydney’s leading UX design agency, we design and deliver innovative UX solutions focused on human-centered designs and enhancing user engagement.

Our approach to user experience design focuses on collaborating with you throughout the design process, leveraging strategy and creativity to understand your business, the target user and desired outcome.

Our Process



We work closely with you to understand your target customers, competitors and business objectives. In this step we research and complete multiple exercises depending on the nature of your project, tailoring the steps to your outcomes, budget and time frames. 

We conduct one or more of these included exercises – user research, UX & UI workshops, user journeys and persona development to help understand the problems to be solved and to challenge existing assumptions.



Using insights from the discovery phase, we identify possible solutions. We create initial design concepts that solve the problem in multiple ways through conceptual modelling, prototyping and wire-framing which is the process of establishing the structure and flow of possible designs. 

We test concepts early and iterate quickly based on your feedback and your users’ feedback to ensure the solution is feasible, viable and meets your expectations. You can have full access to dashboards in JIRA so the progress and status of each activity is clear and available at any time. Depending on the project, we typically have two rounds of feedback sessions with you on both the UX and UI concepts.


Aesthetic design

Design the finalised solution in high fidelity by creating design systems. We share our designs with you for feedback before we hand it over to the development team. 

Learn more about this step in our UI design page.

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What is UX design?

User experience (UX) design is about creating a product that meets your customer’s needs in a way that’s easy to use. The theory of user experience goes way beyond websites and mobile apps. User experience encompasses all aspects of the user’s interaction with the company and its services or products.


How do UX and UI interact with each other?

UX and UI are both important components in enhancing the user experience as a whole. An app with great UI may be visually appealing but won’t succeed if it’s not user-friendly, and vice versa. We offer both UX and UI design services to deliver compelling user experiences.


Do you outsource your design or is it done locally?

All our design and development work is done here in Australia. Your solution is worked on by our local designers based in Sydney, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast. No part of your project is developed offshore.


What is responsive design?

Responsive web design allows you to give your users a great experience across desktop, and mobile devices with a single development solution.

A responsive website will look, feel, and behave the same way on any device, providing consistency through a users journey. 


How long does it take to develop my UX solution?

It depends on your project requirements and the complexity of your project. Call us if you’d like an estimate based on your situation.


How much does it cost to develop my solution from ideation to development?

It depends on your project requirements. The projects we work on range from $15,000 to $500,000. Call us if you’d like an estimate based on your situation.


I have an existing solution that needs a UX review – can you help?

Yes. If you’re unhappy with your current design/solution, contact us and we can provide an independent review of what’s been done to date, and give you options to get back on track.

Case Studies


4mation assists Purati in further designing and developing an existing website, to optimise the user experience and introduce high-impact functionalities.

Serendis Leadership

Providing UX, design and development expertise, 4mation worked with Serendis Leadership to transform its core digital product MentorKey, into an easy-to-use, intuitive SAAS product.