4mation Awarded as #13 Best Place to Work in Australia 2017

Scott Morris

Scott Morris

Head of Team Augmentation

4mation is proud to be awarded #13 Best Place to Work in Australia 2017.

Three years in the last five we’ve been independently assessed by leading world expert GPTW as ranking in the top 30 places to work in all industries. This award demonstrates why top developers and other technical talent prefer to work at 4mation than pretty much anywhere else in the country. It also shows why our clients, including many top ASX-listed and well-known private companies choose 4mation – it’s because Australia’s best technical talent decide to work with us, and decide to grow and stay with us.

GPTW assessors said of 4mation: “Critical to the 4mation growth will be maintaining the amazing culture that they have worked so hard to build, especially as they are expanding to multiple locations… Additionally, talent development is a critical part of the culture at 4mation.”

While we scored very highly on all five dimensions assessed by the independent judges, the highest two scores were in the areas of “Credibility” and “Respect”. Taken together, this shows that our focus on honest sharing of learnings; strong leadership; and teamwork; explain why 4mation can deliver complex enterprise-grade solutions for leading finance, retail, and government organisations.

Claudia Thacker, 4mation’s Marketing Coordinator said, “For me personally, it shows that we care about the people that work for us.”

We hire the best

We wouldn’t be a Great Place to Work without our incredible team, which is why we take the time to choose the right people. Our recruitment process enables us to hire a talented, experienced and passionate team, who love what they do and thrive on exciting and challenging projects. With our reputation for being a Great Place to Work, we are able to attract and retain high calibre developers with diverse professional backgrounds and skill sets, giving our clients access to a large pool of knowledge and expertise.

We work hard to keep our culture great

Investing in your team is investing in your company, which is why it’s important for us to nurture our culture. As a business, we want to ensure we are an enjoyable place for people to work, with common goals and values that our team live by. Our HR Team’s mission is to maximise our team’s satisfaction so that they can keep delivering the very best outcomes. Over the years we’ve adapted a number of benefits for our team to encourage work life balance, healthy & active lifestyles and self-development.

We care about your future

Whether you’re a client or part of our team, our mission is to help you succeed. With the unrelenting pace of change of technology, it’s imperative to keep on top of trends and emerging technologies. We are committed to ongoing learning and equipping our team members with the skills and experience they need in their career and to provide outstanding client outcomes. We encourage sharing of knowledge and empower our team members to influence the way our business operates which is one of the driving forces behind our success.

Being a great workplace results in having a passionate team that are genuinely motivated to make a difference. If you want to work with a business that values and fosters trust, learning and creativity, contact us on 02 9213 1300.

Great Place to Work is a global research and consulting firm specialising in employee engagement, organisational alignment and its effect on high-performance workplace cultures. Through proprietary assessment tools, advisory services and employer branding programs, including Best Places to Work benchmark studies, Great Place to Work provides the framework and expertise needed to create, sustain and recognise outstanding workplace cultures.

If our workplace is something you’d like to be a part of check out our current opportunities.

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