4mation Runs Training on Responsive Web Design

Our Creative team have been responsible for our internal training sessions in recent weeks and have just finished running a two-part training program on responsive design. Part One covered “The Theory and Concept Behind Responsive Web Design”. Part 2 was much more practical with a presentation on “How to Implement a Responsive Design”.Responsive web design has become more and more popular in recent years as browsing behaviour has shifted from predominantly desktop devices, like your home PC, to a wide range of devices including tablets, smartphones and laptops, all with different screen sizes and orientations — so responsive web design is all about delivering the best possible user experience regardless of the ways in which the user accesses and interacts with your website.

Designing a website responsively requires the developer to introduce media queries within the CSS to ensure the website performs a particular way according to how it is being viewed. For example, nagivation menus may move from a header bar to a side bar, images may scale up or down and certain elements may disappear altogether. Responsive web design can also cater for browsing using uncommon media types such as 3D-glasses, aural and braille depending on the queries used. As developers, there are a variety of different methods that we can use to achieve a responsive design and Eoin walked us through some of the most efficient ones in his training session.

4mation Technologies is dedicated to regular training and upskilling of its team as part of the company values. We run fortnightly training sessions to keep up with emerging technologies and industry best practices, which allow the whole team to benefit from the mutual sharing of knowledge.

Are you a talented web professional who values regular training and development? Call us to discuss opportunities to join the 4mation team on (02) 9213 1300.

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