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Billie Fowler

Billie Fowler

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Have you defined a digital strategy? Is it achieving your business goals? Our Tech Direction Team guides our decisions when choosing the best technologies to deliver a solution and meet your objectives.

Tech Direction TeamWhat is the purpose of 4mation’s Tech Direction Team?

At 4mation, our Tech Direction Team takes on the task of guiding our decisions regarding which technologies to use. Comprised of four experienced members from a range of technical backgrounds, their important technological decisions help to promote consistency throughout the company. This is very important in helping us to make educated decisions when developing new products and services for you.

We choose the best technologies for the project

Not only do the Tech Direction Team manage 4mation’s list of preferred technologies, they are also constantly researching and managing a watchlist of upcoming technologies which look promising for future adoption. Occasionally, deviations from our list of preferred technologies are required to complete a project, and therefore it’s the Tech Direction Team’s role to review these requests to replace the technologies with new or better-suited options.

Reduce the cost of implementation

4mation not only likes to use the best technologies, we also go out of our way to leverage existing components which could be reused for client work – not only saving time but also reducing the cost of implementation. The Tech Direction Team’s guidance on this is imperative to a successful pre-project kickoff.

How does this benefit you?

Overall, these actions allow us to remain experts in preferred technologies by focusing our training efforts on those technologies. In other words, we don’t have the problem many development agencies come across by ‘spreading themselves too thin’. The team can choose technologies that best suit your requirements and deliver solutions that are sustainable in the long term.

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