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Edward Wong

Edward Wong

Head of Strategy

Liam Harper is the Marketing and Product Manager for Amgrow. We’ve worked closely with Liam and Amgrow since 2014 to redevelop the Amgrow Group’s website portfolio to re-align the individual business units’ presence as leaders in their unique markets.

Amgrow draws together companies with over 200 years of service to the Australian agriculture and horticulture markets. It is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of specialty agricultural and professional horticultural products and services in Australia, particularly in turf management, specialty agriculture, home garden products and pest management.

See the full transcript of our interview below.

Why did you engage with 4mation?

Originally, two years following a recent acquisition, we had about 5 different businesses that had been stuck together and they all had different levels of web presence and the trigger to actually engage 4mationwas one of the websites crashing and having no communication with the people that developed it in the first place. We decided to fix that and look at tying everything together with one company.

Why do you like working with 4mation?

For us, because we’re quite a lean company as far as resources go we’re able to lean on 4mation for input from a creative perspective. We can initiate the project and then move away and touch base every few weeks to make sure everything is still running. So it doesn’t take us out of our day to day operational functions so we can just trust that it’s all ticking away in the background.

“It’s very easy, we can trust that the job is going to get done and everyone’s going to put in the best possible effort.”

How have we helped Amgrow?

Because we have limited resources in the creative area of our business we’ve been able to lean on 4mation for a lot of input in that respect. 4mation has been able to give us the web presence that reflects our position in the markets that we participate in which is typically, out of four of the 5 businesses, either 1, 2 or 3 in our respective markets so previously that wasn’t the case but now the result is we have websites that reflect that and the creativity thats gone into them, none of that is us, it’s all you guys.

How has 4mation gone above and beyond?

With one of our websites that we redesigned, it was one of the ones that came out of the acquisiton in 2012 and it’s a company that was founded in the 1950s and really the logo and the whole branding concept of the company hasn’t changed since then but we’re owned by a publicly listed company so any chances to logos, slogans and brands have to go back up to our owners which is a bit of a headache. So we’ve stuck with the old logo, but the designers at 4mation hate the logo and as a result without us asking they’ve spent some time, their own time, recreating what they think the logo should look like in the hopes that one day we might want to change it. So we know that if we do get to that point, there’s a whole heap of designs that have been done in the background there if we do want to use them.

What are the advantages of working with 4mation?

It’s very easy, we can trust that the job is going to get done and everyones going to put in the best possible effort. There’s a lot of designers on staff so theres a lot of creative input, you don’t just get stale ideas from 1 or 2 different people which inevitably happens with smaller groups, but its really just how easy you make it.

What’s in store for the future?

For us, big things, we’ve got a big family we’re part of and big owners so anything really, any opportunities that come up we’re always looking at them. We’ll continue to grow and hopefully 4mation will continue to be part of that.

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