Checklist for Leaving Your Existing Digital Agency

Billie Fowler

Billie Fowler

Head of People & Culture

Are you unhappy with the performance of your current digital agency? What would you do if they suddenly went into liquidation? Are you in control of your digital assets?

Even if you’re happy with your current provider, many external factors could change your situation rapidly. We’ve put together a checklist so you can ensure everything is in order before you make the decision to move agency.

1. Backup your website content

It’s always a wise decision to have a copy of your existing website content, including images and videos. A full offsite backup of the entire website, including the database, is the only way to reduce the risk of losing your content if an issue were to arise. This can be quite technical, so it is best to get your IT department of another digital agency involved with this process.

2. Admin access to the backend of your site

If something does go wrong, get in touch with your digital agency as quickly as possible. If you don’t already have admin access, request this and pass it on to your IT department to save any files or previous backups of your website. This is a crucial step in being able to recover your website effectively.

3. Domain access

You should always register and manage your domain yourself – it is quick and easy to do. If your current agency has registered it on your behalf, you need to gain access for this. If you are unable to reach your agency and get this information yourself, you can reach out to the registrar (e.g. GoDaddy, CrazyDomains, NetRegistry etc) to get access to your domain name.

4. Backup your emails

Once again, if your emails are hosted with your current agency, you need to have a backup of these files. Think about hosting your emails with service providers such as Office 365 or Google Apps, so that no matter what happens to your digital agency, your emails will be safe.

Checking off each of these steps will enable you to move your website to a different digital agency without a serious loss of data and money.

How can we help?

We can take the hassle of this process off of your hands at any point. We’re happy to assist you in taking care of all of the stages listed above as part of our migration service.

If you are interested in moving agency, contact us to discuss your next steps.

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