Website Redesign: Should I Rebuild or Simply Improve my Website?

Scott Morris

Scott Morris

Head of Team Augmentation

Many people seem to be under the impression that a costly, time-intensive rebuild is the only solution to an older website or an internal, web-based system that’s been lacking in some TLC. However it may surprise you to learn that this is simply not the case!

New? Or renew?

Whilst a complete rebuild of a website may be necessary in some extreme cases where website functionality has decreased dramatically due to significant technological advances, or where a customer wishes to completely change the design of their current website, generally a website’s performance can be dramatically improved simply by making a few small improvements over the course of 6-12 months.

And our ongoing development and support packages are intended for exactly that. Designed to suit a whole range of budgets from $440 per month to $20,000+, these packages are ideal for customers wishing to continually improve their website or system — whether it be content updates, promotional graphic design, conversion rate optimisation, new features, efficiency improvements or further technical development.

From ordinary to extraordinary

Do you need to optimize your website for use on mobile devices? Update your internal database to better streamline your workplace processes? Replace your old Flash technology so that your animations work on iPhones and iPads? Refresh your content to better communicate your business’s products? Or simply improve the conversion rate of your website?

How does this help me?

Whatever your business needs, an ongoing development and support package from 4mation will help you achieve those goals — and you can control costs and manage long-term project workflows whilst you do it. We can help you create an action plan of items to improve in the coming months, during which you will be given priority access to our entire team of specialist web developers. Our methods are also completely transparent; our job management system allows our customers to check in with their project at any time (day or night!) and view its progress and current workflow — no more billing surprises.

Tell me more!

So if you’d like to develop an action plan to improve your current website for more customers, more sales, or more conversions —  or even all three! — give us a call on (02) 9213 1300 for further information and we will be in touch!

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