A2Z Flashings

Growing sales and attracting new customers via streamlined online ordering

A2Z wanted to attract new customers by creating a market-leading online ordering system. They also wanted to improve the quality of their fulfilment and enable scalability via automation.

The story

A2Z Flashings are a specialist manufacturer of flashings in Australia. They are a market leader, and one of the first in the industry to use technology to generate and track customer orders.

The challenge

A2Z’s quality standards are high, and they identified an opportunity to raise the bar by integrating their systems to eliminate human error and make themselves more available to the general public.

They also wanted to attract new customers, but were restricted by their existing system, which didn’t allow them to handle orders and allow customers to track orders in progress (and didn’t allow them to view their original sketches) or to view their order history.

The cost and time of supporting customers was double what it needed to be, as A2Z staff had to manually respond to requests for the above items. Offering the best customer support in the industry is A2Z’s goal.

During the project, we proactively identified an additional opportunity to increase enquiries and online orders via a redesign and conversion rate optimisation, which we presented to A2Z for their consideration.

The redesign and conversion rate optimisation A2Z approved, now gives their customers a much improved user experience. 

Features of this project included: 

  • Implementation of a new delivery fulfilment system (trackpod)
  • Integration between trackpod and MYOB to enable an automated workflow of sales orders to invoices (previously this was done manually)
  • Customer upload and online viewing of PDF requirement sketches 
  • Design and development of marketing web pages to create a better user experience and increase sales

The result

We delivered the new integrated system and upgraded customer experience, setting A2Z up for continued success as a market leader. The flexibility of the solution will enable A2Z to continue to innovate over time.

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