DevOps services

Our DevOps services are designed to help you implement reliable cloud infrastructure and automate your business processes.

A well-implemented DevOps framework can help teams deliver robust software and apps more rapidly and efficiently, reducing overall costs.

What is DevOps & how does it work?

When it comes to transferring your business applications to the Cloud, 4mation operates under the DevOps model, working with your team to smooth out the delivery and deployment of your software solutions.

But what does DevOps refer to? “DevOps” is a contraction of “Software Development” and “IT Operations”. The agile admin defines it as follows:

“DevOps is the practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support.”

Over the long haul, this means that we’re working with your team to establish a culture and processes that will allow them to build, test and deploy software more rapidly and efficiently.

Why use a DevOps service provider?

Faster Delivery

Through the application of agile principles and the synergy between teams, the DevOps model allows delivering applications faster. This faster software delivery, in turn, improves ROI.

Improved collaboration between teams

The DevOps framework implies greater collaboration and transparency between development, business and IT operation teams. Teams share knowledge, processes and culture, and no longer work in silos.

Stable operating environments

DevOps helps teams automate repetitive tasks like regression, performance testing and backups, creating a more stable operating environment.

Fast issue resolution

By improving collaboration and introducing iterative development and modular programming methods, DevOps enables the early detection and faster correction of bugs and issues.

Continuous deployment

Through increased collaboration, DevOps speeds up development cycles. This allows for an agile environment that promotes continuous release, deployment, testing and monitoring.

More time to innovate

Thanks to automated processes, short development cycles and fast issue resolution, teams spend less time fixing and maintaining code. Teams have more time to focus on new features and innovate.

Our managed DevOps services

DevOps consulting & implementation

Our experienced DevOps team assesses your business needs, current operation team structure and IT processes to put a DevOps work environment in place.

Continuous delivery

Our developers work with your IT Operations team to improve your processes and provide continuous software delivery. Our agile innovation packages allow for continuous DevOps services.

Managed cloud services

Want to automate & integrate your business processes? We implement DevOps strategies to develop cloud infrastructure and transfer your business apps to a cloud platform such as Amazon Web Services or Azure.

Why work with us?

Our qualified, Sydney-based DevOps team will work closely with you and your business to build the right cloud strategy for you.

We follow agile principles that provide us with a disciplined approach to development project management, bringing more value to our clients every day.

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