Divorce Justice Family Finance

The journey to creating an MVP

Yvonne Wibowo, Founder of Divorce Justice Family Finance (DJFF), approached 4mation to help build a single source interactive application for individuals going through divorce or separation. Moreover, she needed reliable software development advice from an experienced agency to create a user-friendly MVP (minimum viable product) with enough functionality to garner investor support.

The story

Often individuals going through divorce faces the problem of not knowing who to talk to, with it being difficult to find all the information they need. Yvonne Wibowo, Founder of DJFF, needed a software development partner who could help scale up her idea of an all-encompassing support application for individuals going through divorce or separation. 

DJFF aims to combine expert information tailored to each user’s situation. Using an App called ‘Confidant’ as a single source reference point to seamlessly guide users through this hard period. 

Bringing together expert information from various professionals such as psychologists, lawyers and financial advisors, 4mation was tasked with building an MVP that DJFF could leverage to gain user insights.  


The challenge

We suggested an iOS and Android application for the platform during initial strategy sessions. However, a quick pivot to a fully responsive web-based application was accepted by the client. The aim of this was three-fold:

  1. Reduce development time. By getting a minimum viable product (MVP) to market as quickly as possible to test for an end user.
  2. Reduce development costs, which are usually associated with building custom applications.   
  3. Hack rapid user growth. By developing a web-based application that can leverage SEO and marketing integrations that aren’t available via native applications.

Working with Yvonne, we considered what were the most important features required for the MVP. It was important that ‘Confidant’ had enough usability to be attractive to investors. It also needed to be functional enough to go to market for user testing.

We developed the following for the MVP:

  • Calendly – full integrated booking platform for appointments with expert professionals such as lawyers, psychologists, accountants and financial advisors
  • Chatbot Integration- the ability for users to find information, speak directly with professional resources, and also have FAQ answers automated.
  • Account Management System – providing scope for subscriptions in the future with payment functionality.
  • CMS – the ability to edit and add content to each app section.
  • Mood assistant questionnaire – a custom survey with an algorithm built based on expert frameworks.

The result

Leveraging the skills of an experienced, proven team, DJFF now has a functional MVP that they can test in-market and prove critical assumptions. This will enable DJFF to gain funding for the Confidant app and strengthen the DJFF network.

For DJFF and 4mation, it’s not about completing one single project. It’s about the journey to scale up and understand the vision and mission of the project. We have maintained an consultative approach from the beginning and will continue to help DJFF build a product identity for the future.

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