How Is Your Web Browser Affecting Your Online Experience?

Scott Morris

Scott Morris

Head of Team Augmentation

What web browser are you using? And better yet, does it really matter?

A quick check inside your browser (usually by navigating to Help > About) will allow you to see what browser version you have. Are you running Internet Explorer 10, Chrome 26, Firefox 20, Safari 6 (5 for Windows users) or Opera 12? Then congratulations! You are one of only 30% of Australian web users who are running an up-to-date browser.

But what about the other 70%? And what’s wrong with running an old browser?

Did you know that running an outdated web browser limits your experience of the web? Old browsers take longer to load, are more likely to crash and won’t display many new websites correctly since the technology that has gone into creating these websites far exceeds that of the old browsers used to view them. They also pose a cyber security risk — according to the Anti-Phishing Working Group, scammers and online criminals can use old browsers to access our personal information.

At 4mation Technologies, we design our websites for the best user experience on the all of the latest browser versions. We use the best technology available and most advanced design techniques to provide the strongest functionality for all of the websites we create, so every new website looks awesome! We also design our websites to degrade gracefully on older technology — so it will look good even though it may not have all the latest features.

However if you have a specific requirement for a website designed for an older or out-of-date browser because of company policies, or because you feel that the majority of your audience will be using much older technologies than those commonly available, 4mation can also design and develop a website especially with this purpose in mind.

So regardless of whether your website’s users are part of the tech-savvy 30%, or one of the majority of Australian’s logging on via an outdated browser, you can rest assured that with a little help from 4mation, your website is being presented in the best possible way.

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