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More of your customers are now surfing the web in the palm of their hand. 4mation can help ensure you give them a great experience, no matter what device they’re using.

Is your website ‘Mobile-Friendly’?

From November 2014, Google is adding a label next to each search result to identify whether or not the underlying page is ‘Mobile-Friendly’. If your website isn’t, you could be losing customers.

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We develop premium responsive websites

Responsive mobile website examples for First State Super, NRL Claim Your Territory and Kennards Self Storage

With so many different internet-enabled devices now commonplace in our everyday lives – including phones, tablets, phablets, desktops, smart TVs and even wearable computers – it’s important to make sure that your website is optimised to perform well no matter how your customers choose to access it.

The experienced team here at 4mation Technologies build premium responsive websites that are designed to detect and respond to the screen size and technical capabilities of various types of devices – all from within one central website template. With responsive design, a single website is capable of reformatting its layout so that users can easily engage with its content and interact with its navigation using both traditional mouse and touch screen interfaces.

Responsive websites are built using various design techniques – most popularly CSS media queries – to provide a separate set of layout and design instructions to the user’s web browser based on the characteristics of the device being used. Unlike a separate mobile website, utilising responsive design means that you only need to build a single website and update your content in one place. Any landing page links that you share with your customers via printed materials, advertising, email or social media will be automatically optimised regardless of how your customers choose to access.

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Upgrade your existing website to responsive design

Non-Optimised vs Optimised

If you don’t already have a responsive website, the good news is that the professional developers at 4mation can most likely “responsify” your existing website. Our talented web designers do this by adding new lines of tailor-made code to your existing design, making your current website layout react differently to other screen sizes and update the display of your content accordingly.

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Our full-service team also builds mobile websites and apps

At 4mation, we don’t just build responsive websites. Our Sydney-based team of over 50 skilled developers also design mobile-specific websites and mobile-optimised web-based software for situations where responsive design may not suit your business objectives. In addition to this, we also build native mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone that can take advantage of the advanced features of many mobile devices available today including location awareness, cameras and biometric sensors.

Many of Australia’s biggest and fastest growing brands trust 4mation to implement their mobile strategy requirements, including First State Super, Kennards Self Storage and the NRL’s Claim Your Territory website.

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Receive ongoing support, tailored to your business needs

4mation offers a range of agile innovation packages for its mobile website and app development clients – providing dedicated hours each month that can be used for strategy consulting, development, design, testing and technical support. With a number of options available to suit your budget and technical requirements, 4mation gives your business the ability to sustainably grow your digital presence, with an experienced full-service team at your disposal.

And with our bug-free guarantee, you will never pay to fix an error that we’ve caused. That’s how confident we are with the quality of our work.

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