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The Xamarin toolset enables us to deliver native Android, iOS, and Windows apps with reduced development effort thanks to a shared C# codebase.

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Why build apps with Xamarin?

Faster time to market

Xamarin uses one language for multiple platforms, making up to 95% of the code reusable across Android and iOS. This almost halves the amount of resources needed to launch a mobile app on both platforms.

Native performance

While being cross-platform, Xamarin still embraces the uniqueness of each platform, using native UI controls so end users are familiar with the look and behaviour of the app. It also leverages platform-specific hardware acceleration, providing great performance on both platforms.

Community support

The community around Xamarin provides well-organised documentation along with training sessions (Xamarin University). Furthermore, things like Xamarin Components and the support of Xamarin on Visual Studio help make developers’ lives easier.

Less bugs

Xamarin Testing Cloud provides a great environment for developers to test their work and detect bugs as early as possible in the development process. Moreover, the ability to use shared codebases decreases the amount of code written and thus, the number of potential bugs.

Our Xamarin development services

Mobile development consulting

Online businesses cannot afford not to have a mobile strategy in 2018. Our strategists help shape your requirements and a plan of action to provide better experiences to users and help your business reach its goals.

Native mobile app development

Our mobile developers and designers build native mobile applications for both iPhone and Android users. Working with Xamarin developers saves you development time and provides great user experience on all platforms.

Project rescue

Are you not satisfied with the delivery of your current project? 4mation has helped a number of businesses by rescuing their project and making it a success.

Continuous development

Through our agile innovation packages, you have access to a monthly allowance of hours that will go towards the testing, fine-tuning and development of updates for your mobile app.

Frequently asked question

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a cross-platform application development software framework. The Xamarin toolset enables us to deliver native Android, iOS and Windows apps with reduced development effort thanks to a shared C# codebase. Xamarin has been hugely successful (over 1.4 million developers), leading Microsoft to acquire the technology in February 2016. This acquisition has further boosted its uptake given the powerful backing from Microsoft. Unlike some other languages on the server, Node.js is inherently non-blocking and event-driven, allowing for a much larger number of individual requests to run at a time. The core language has also been massively enhanced to provide access to the local filesystem, custom network protocols, and experimental threading models to fully utilise server resources.

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