React Native

React Native is a framework that utilises React for writing mobile Frontend applications in Javascript. React Native compiles code into javascript bundles that can control a phone’s native libraries.


What is React Native?

React Native is the next generation of React, a Javascript library used by Facebook and Instagram. Mobile developers use it to build native mobile apps, being able to reuse React Native components across multiple platforms.It’s a cross-platform framework that allows us to deliver our Android & iOS apps at a faster pace and involve more of our team since all you need is JavaScript skills.

Why build in React Native?

To understand why React Native is so useful, one must understand the two basic ways of building mobile apps:

Native apps

Native apps are apps written in native code – JavaScript for Android and Objective-C or Swift for iOS. They tend to perform best but are expensive to build due to each operating system requiring different code.

Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps are Phone apps that contain a browser view. They are cheaper to build because they only require one set of code for both iOS and Android. However, hybrid systems use HTML & CSS to simulate native components, resulting in less than optimum performance.

Reasons to use React Native

Using react native allows developers to build apps for both iOS and Android while using the same code baseline. The React Native code is reusable and easily maintainable. This can prove particularly cost-effective: apps are faster and cheaper to build while performing as well as native apps.

Most of our web developers are familiar with React which makes upskilling our team and finding resources for projects much easier. If you’d like an app that fits perfectly into the feel of an iPhone or Android device, downloadable from their app stores, then it may be a perfect fit for you.

Our React Native development services

Mobile development consulting

Need to jump on the mobile train and provide compelling experiences to your mobile users? Not sure whether to create a mobile site or an app? Our digital strategists can analyse your requirements and provide a solid plan of action.

Custom native app development

Our mobile developers and designers can build native mobile apps for both iPhone and Android users. Working with React Native developers saves you development time and provides the best mobile user experience no matter the device.

Project rescue

Not satisfied with the results of your mobile development project so far? Many of our clients are happy they chose us to rescue their project. Our mobile developers and project managers can make your project a success.

Continuous innovation

Launching your mobile app is only the beginning. Through our Agile Innovation Packages, we assign a set amount of monthly hours for improvements, fine tuning, and the development of new updates for your mobile app.

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Our Sydney team of 80+ developers, designers, project managers and digital strategists work together following our core values and the agile principles.

This results in structured working methods that promote productivity and robust development, adding value for our clients every day.

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