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Designing a competitive advantage using technology

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Our experienced digital strategists work with you to design solutions and set you up with a digital strategy that achieves your project or business goals.


Who should use this service

If you’re a leader considering a software development project, and one of the following situations:

  • You have a business goal or challenge that you’re not sure how to solve
  •  You have a project in mind and want to understand the best approach
  •  You have a brief or specification and want to validate it
  •  You need to determine your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) features
  •  You want fresh ideas and insights to disrupt your competitors or avoid disruption yourself

Digital Strategy Benefits

  • Understand how to win in your space
  • Work out what (and what not) to develop
  • Validate critical assumptions to de-risk your plan
  • Understand the time and cost of your plans
  • Get buy-in from your stakeholders

How Digital Strategy works

Our strategists draw on our 22 years of software development experience working on the strategy of Australia’s fastest growing startups, scaleups and corporates. 

This experience, and our step by step process enables us to provide valuable ideas, inspiration and insights not available to organisations who otherwise attempt digital strategy internally.

We work closely with you through workshops, followed by research to provide you with valuable insights and determine and document a solution that achieves your overall unique strategy goals. 

Our Digital Strategy Process



Identifying your key objectives and challenges to solve for.

(E.g. Increasing conversion, generating entirely new revenue streams, improving user experience, enabling scalability, creating operational efficiencies, digitally transforming your business etc)



Understanding your current assets, capabilities, risks and opportunities.


Ideas and solutions

Based on your situation, goals and competitors, and our industry and technology insights – we provide ideas, solutions and their implications for your consideration. We work closely with you to prioritise items with the greatest impact and lowest cost.


Documented outcomes

Based on your goals and agreed solution, outputs may include:
– Solution Roadmap
– Technical Strategy
– UX Design
– User Stories
– Guidance on budget, timeframe and best practice for implementation

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What does the strategy service cost?

Typical cost ranges from $1,000 to $25,000 depending on your need.
Value reported by our clients is typically a significant multiple of the cost, as the insights generated can save hundreds of thousands of dollars of development or wasted effort, and also massively increase the likelihood of project success.


How long does the service take?

Typical time frames are between two and four weeks, depending on your need.
Contact us if you’d like an estimate based on your situation.


What do I need to have prepared in advance?

Nothing, however we’ll consider any documentation you have during the strategy process. Engaging our specialists early enables more productive discussions and valuable outcomes. Additionally, we have a structured set of questions we ask to get to the heart of your goals and objectives.


Why use an external agency like 4mation for strategy instead of doing it myself?

Thinking: Having external, independent expert advice often injects ideas and generate thinking that otherwise won’t happen when you attempt to self-serve.
Experience: We’re fortunate to have the benefit of 21 years working across hundreds of leading companies. We talk to businesses with new challenges, everyday.
Time: We have a process and structure refined over hundreds of engagements, therefore can help you get the optimal result faster and with less effort, allowing you to remain focused on your priorities.


I already have a documented brief, should I also engage 4mation’s strategy service?

Yes. If you have a brief already, our strategy service is fast and inexpensive. You come away with a validated strategy you can be confident in that will deliver the outcomes you need on time and on budget – typically with several new insights that will also save you time/money and increase the likelihood the project succeeds.


What if I don’t like the direction the strategy comes up with?

Ultimately you’re in control and the strategy will be based on your input. We work closely with you to ensure that not only are you comfortable with the outcome, but also excited by it. Our role also enables you to make the most informed decisions possible.


How can 4mation strategy help me mitigate risk?

Information gathered through qualitative and quantitative reviews will allow you to make decisions based on data, as opposed to assumptions. We take risk mitigation seriously and recommend various methods such as assumption validation through designing hypotheses, as well as running experiments early on to test your market.

Case Studies

Divorce Justice Family Finance

4mation helps Divorce Justice build a user-friendly MVP with enough functionality to garner investor support and gain user insights.

Serendis Leadership

Providing UX, design and development expertise, 4mation worked with Serendis Leadership to transform its core digital product MentorKey, into an easy-to-use, intuitive SAAS product.