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AI solutions without the hype – discover what’s possible, and implement real world AI solutions that drive ROI.

The AI revolution is here. If you don’t have a roadmap for AI implementation including automating processes, generating content, supporting your team and providing unique experiences for your users, you risk being left behind. Implementing AI at scale, may be your next competitive edge

AI prototype

Develop an AI prototype – no hype, just practical implementation to prove value for your business. Work out what AI solution can solve for your business goals, including chatbots, ChatGPT, generative AI and process automation. 

AI implementation

Reduce costs, enable efficient scale, improve accuracy and provide product experiences that ‘wow’ your customers by implementing the latest, best in class AI solutions.

ChatGPT integration

Implement ChatGPT into your product or website, creating experiences that wow your users. Tailor ChatGPT to leverage your data and provide interactive experiences based on your content and data.

AI chatbots

The chatbots we implement help you improve customer service, increase efficiency, and are cost effective. Improve customer satisfaction, whilst increasing conversion rates on your website using AI chatbots to provide answers, fast. 

AI readiness

Stay one step ahead by developing your AI implementation roadmap to harness the power of AI, gain a deep understanding of the opportunities and threats your business faces, and embrace the necessary improvements to thrive in the ever-evolving AI landscape.

Machine learning

Machine learning to help transform your business. Harness the power of machine learning to enable amazing customer experiences, make better decisions and increase efficiency.

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How do we support ChatGPT integration into business processes?

Most businesses only use a small percentage of the full capability of ChatGPT. Our team of AI developers get to know your business operations in great detail before mapping a ChatGPT implementation plan in areas like sales, customer service, marketing and training.


Can 4mation help build custom AI chatbots?

Our team has extensive experience streamlining customer service using AI chatbots resulting in headcount optimisations, improved conversion rates and increased customer satisfaction.


What is AI prototyping?

AI prototypes demonstrate practical solutions and modeling on how AI development can optimise your business and importantly help with stakeholder buy in. This is a cost-effective way to start your AI journey and prove your AI concept.


What does an AI agency do?

Specialist AI agencies like ours help business leaders plan, implement and optimise AI to future-proof their success. The services include AI prototyping, AI readiness, AI chatbot creation and implementation and working with AI developers to harness machine learning for business transformation.