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Improve customer satisfaction, whilst increasing conversion rates on your website using AI chatbots to provide answers, fast.


Who should use this service

If you are a technology leader in one of the following situations: 

  • You want to simplify the customer journey on your website
  • You want to qualify a customer before they purchase or enquire
  • You need to convert more visitors into customers
  • You want data on your customer’s challenges and to provide personalised assistance
  • You experience a high volume of enquiries and want to reduce workload on staff

Benefits of AI chatbots

  • Increase website conversion rates
  • Fast, personalised experiences for your customers
  • Improved, 24/7 customer service that scales
  • Reduce staff costs and output
  • Human-quality answers that align with your business

How AI chatbots work

The chatbots we implement help you improve customer service, increase efficiency, and are cost effective. Whether you’re running an e-commerce store, a service-based business, or a tech company, our chatbots help you provide personalised experiences to your customers while freeing up your employees to focus on more advanced tasks that require human involvement.

We run a discovery session with you to understand your needs and goals. Once the chatbot is set up, we work with you to train the chatbot to recognise and respond to customers.

Our AI chatbot process



Our head of engineering works with you to understand your goals and challenges to determine whether a chatbot is the right fit, and if so what type of chatbot.


Data assessment

Our team implements the agreed chatbot solution, and prepares the data to power it, including: 
– Reviewing & restructuring your data to be leveraged by AI if needed
– Developing and customising the AI chatbot to meet your needs
– Integrating the chatbot into your existing technology or website



Once the chatbot has been developed and integrated, we will train it to provide us with better answers through data by:
– Leveraging data sets that have been prepared to train the chatbot
– Ensuring continuous learning is implemented through ongoing user / customer interactions


Ongoing improvement

We continually monitor and optimise your chatbot’s performance to ensure it’s delivering the best possible customer experience.

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What is an AI chatbot?

It is a type of chatbot that uses AI and natural language processing to understand questions asked about your product or service, and provide accurate and useful responses.


How are AI chatbot trained?

AI chatbots are trained using various machine learning algorithms or large volumes of data to learn patterns and AI chatbots are trained to improve its understanding and responses using machine learning algorithms or large volumes of data.


What kind of industries can benefit from using AI chatbots?

Any business that has customer service teams and interacts with customers on a regular basis can benefit from using a chatbot. Some specific examples include:
– E-commerce businesses: AI chatbots can help handle the large volume of inquiries that can come with running an online store
– Service-based businesses: Chatbots can be used to book appointments, answer frequently asked questions, and provide basic information about services
– Tech companies: Implementing chatbots can help tech companies stay ahead of the curve and offer cutting-edge customer service


Can you customise my AI chatbot to be specific to my business needs?

Yes. We can train your chatbot based on specific datasets, and give it specific scripts, rules and responses that align with your business, and based on conversations you have had with customers in the past.


Can AI chatbots replace human customer service representatives?

An AI chatbot can handle a high volume of simple customer queries and tasks simultaneously, however it may not be able to handle complex enquiries that require extra information or human interaction and empathy. It is a great tool to augment customer service representatives but not to replace them.


How can AI chatbots improve customer engagement?

They’re available 24/7, meaning customers can get answers to their questions fast, increasing the likelihood they  make an immediate inquiry or purchase. 


What are the limitations?

AI chatbots are very effective in handling routine customer enquiries and automating simple tasks, however there are some limitations to what they can do: 
– AI chatbots are very effective in handling routine customer enquiries and automating simple tasks, however there are some limitations: 
– Lack of emotional intelligence and empathy
– Limited understanding behind the context of an enquiry 
– Dependence on data quality – the data fed to train the chatbot is crucial, if you train a chatbot with low quality data it will make mistakes. This is why you must ensure you are AI ready.


Can they learn from their mistakes?

Yes. AI chatbots can learn from their mistakes through machine learning. Machine learning algorithms enable chatbots to continuously improve their performance by analysing customer data and modifying their responses accordingly.