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Prove the value AI can have on your business

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Develop an AI prototype – no hype, just practical implementation to prove value for your business. Work out what AI solution can solve for your business goals, including chatbots, ChatGPT, process automation etc. 


Who should use this service

If you are a technology leader in one of the following situations: 

  • You need to demonstrate the viability and effectiveness of an AI solution
  • You need to pitch your AI idea to stakeholders for approval
  • You want to assess the technical feasibility of an AI solution
  • You want to identify and mitigate risks associated with the full-scale implementation of an AI solution
  • You have an idea but want tangible evidence of your concept’s potential

Benefits of an AI Prototype

  • Prove value with minimal risk
  • Assess suitability for broader application within your business
  • Understand how AI can enhance your People, Products and Processes
  • Get stakeholder buy in
  • Understand how AI can help you develop a competitive advantage

How an AI Prototype works

Leverage our specialists to validate your AI idea, without the costs or risks traditionally associated with AI development. 

With in depth understanding of the AI ecosystem (platforms, API’s, plugins etc) we use best of breed tools to develop your prototype. Get proof that your concept works, and a roadmap for implementation.

Our AI Prototyping Process


AI Prototype discovery

Our experienced strategists run a workshop with you to understand your requirements and assess whether an AI prototype is the best fit for your objectives and circumstances. 


Data collection & selection of AI tools

We identify the subsets of data that we will use to train and test the AI prototype. We will choose the appropriate AI tool or tools required to solve the identified problem, and create the prototype. 


AI Prototype build and evaluation

Our developers build the prototype and conduct some training and testing to validate the model. We then show you the prototype and gather feedback. 


Implementation roadmap

We provide a roadmap on what the implementation of the AI solution looks like, including time frame, costs and resources required. You can choose to implement with us or internally. Check out our AI implementation service for more.

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What is a AI prototype?

An AI prototype is a tangible solution that helps you create and test initial versions of AI-based applications or systems to evaluate their feasibility and potential value.


What type of prototypes can be developed?

Prototypes can range from interactive mock-ups and proof-of-concepts to functioning demos with limited features. The type of prototype depends on your specific goals and requirements.


How long does it take to develop the AI prototype?

The time required to build an AI prototype depends on the complexity of your project and the scope of the prototype. It can range from a few weeks to several months.


Can I use an AI prototype for fundraising purposes?

Yes, a prototype can be a powerful tool for fundraising. It allows you to showcase your artifical intelligence idea, its potential, and demonstrate progress to attract investors or secure additional funding.


What happens after the AI prototype is developed?

You can use it to gather feedback, refine your AI concept, and make informed decisions on whether to proceed with full-scale development or make further improvements. If you choose to proceed with the concept we can implement your solution, check our AI implementation service to find out more, or contact us today.


Can I involve my end-users in the AI prototype development process?

Absolutely! Involving end-users in the development and testing phase can provide valuable insights and help ensure that the AI prototype meets their needs and preferences.