User interface design

A skilled approach to UI Design is vital for designing user-friendly websites that are in line with a brand and guide users through their digital journey.

What Is UI design?

User Interface (UI) design is the process of transferring a brand’s values and visual identity to a product’s interface, so as to enhance the user experience. UI design is also responsible for visually guiding users through the use of interactive elements. A UI designer’s responsibilities include working with front-end developers or code. UI Design is responsible for the look and feel of an application, its interactivity in response to user input, and visual hints to guide users through their experience.

What is the difference between UX and UI design?

UX design focusses in the process of identifying user behaviours, mapping user journeys and translating findings into wireframes and concepts. It aims at enhancing a user’s experience when interacting with a brand.

User Interface Design focusses on the look and feel of a user interface, along with how it guides users and interacts in response to user input. Furthermore, UI Design is a digital profession, as opposed to UX Design that can apply to any industry.

Both UX and UI go hand in hand when it comes to creating a product providing a great experience, as UX research and design precede UI Design.

Our UI design services

4mation’s Sydney-based team designs text-based or graphical interfaces (GUI) for websites, web and mobile apps and business software. Following the UX design process, our UI designers, front-end developers and interactive designers create and implement visually appealing interfaces that guide your users through their digital journey.

Our UI process is a three-faceted approach, and comes in after our UX designers have gone through user research, wireframing, prototyping and testing.

UI design

Our UI designers are responsible for the lay-out of your website or mobile app. They will design each screen or page your users will interact with. They create cohesive style guides and ensure the use of consistent design throughout the interface.

UI development

UI developers (or front-end developers) are in charge of the functional implementation of your interface. They are experienced in using front-end frameworks to write scalable and easy-to-maintain CSS and HTML code.

Interaction design

Interaction designers are responsible for what the interface does after a user touches it. This includes the design of buttons, menus and transition effects used on your site or app.

Why work with our UI team?

Our dedicated UI developers work together with our UX designers, back-end developers and project managers in an agile approach to development.

By implementing our core values and the agile principles in everything we do, we ensure we provide greater transparency and efficiency to our clients everyday.

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