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Selling anything from jewellery to big screen TVs, eCommerce provides a platform for delivering products into broad markets near and far.

Whether you have a one shop operation or a multinational company, eCommerce is an essential tool for almost any retailer trying to build their brand and add an additional revenue stream.

Why Should I Be Selling Things Online?

If you’re not selling online you’re missing out on a huge market that is growing from strength to strength every year. A report written by eMarketer predicted Australia’s total online sales are estimated to exceed $32 billion in 2017 worldwide, putting us in the top ten.

Aside from Australia’s huge sales share, online selling provides more marketing opportunities that you would otherwise never have. By providing your product catalogue online you are able to showcase your unique brand to Australia and the world.

A map of Australia shaded to show in 2013, 50.3% of Australians shopped online using an eCommerce store, according to Roy Morgan Research.

In 2013, 50.3% of Australians shopped online (Roy Morgan Research).

Consider this study by Roy Morgan Research. They found in 2013, 50.3% of Australians had shopped online. That’s a phenomenal amount of people that could be seeing your products online even if they aren’t purchasing online and coming into your store instead.

I Don’t Want To Lose Sales In My Brick And Mortar Store.

Chances are you already have been! With attitudes switching and technology becoming more accessible, consumers are engaging in trends like showrooming. Showrooming is where consumers try on products, interact with products or research the products in store and then go online to buy the product at a later time.

An eCommerce Store is Hard To Manage.

This can be true for many poorly thought out systems where employees are forever adding products, updating products, entering invoices and creating shipping labels manually. Luckily with business systems becoming more and more web-oriented we can configure existing integrations or develop custom solutions for you in-house systems.

In saying that, like anything in business, online web stores should be continually improved over time to maximise your earning potential. Our Agile Innovation Packages can help with this by providing ongoing development support, keeping your business on top of trends and managing your online growth.

What Platform Should I Use?

There is no hard and fast rule about which electronic commerce platform you should use. It comes down to the objectives and capabilities of your business. We can offer a variety of solutions tailored to your needs.


WooCommerce is a plugin for the very popular Open Source CMS WordPress that runs 27% of the websites on the internet. WooCommerce provides easy to use comprehensive eCommerce stores catering to the needs of many online sellers. Benefiting from being part of the WordPress CMS, content on the site becomes very user friendly to add and maintain, while additional functionality is easy to add thanks to the large WordPress Plugin catalogue.


Used to power some of Australia’s largest eCommerce websites Magento provides a highly customisable framework for any eCommerce Store. Magento benefits from a huge network of contributors developing integrations for your systems and add ons that provide awesome user experiences for your customers.

Bring Your Own System

For more than a decade 4mation has worked with a huge variety of eCommerce platforms providing great solutions for our clients. Our team is highly flexible and can adapt their knowledge to provide you with a long term partner in web development.

Build Your Own System

Have a unique business model or product? Need a Enterprise Grade solutions? Not a problem, 4mation can provide you with a custom solution that fits your needs and budget. Our experienced digital consultants can help analyse your business and provide the perfect fit.

Don’t worry if you not sure which of these is right for you, our team will help tailor a solution and training for the long term success of your business.

How Much Will It Cost?

With eCommerce this isn’t the question you should be asking, but rather, how much will we gain? The cost of eCommerce websites can vary from business to business depending on needs such as integrations and whether plugins already exist. Pricing will also depend on the requirements of business and the objectives of the store. The major takeaway of considering a eCommerce site is Return On Investment (ROI) what having an eCommerce website will mean for your business.

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