AI implementation

Implement the latest AI technology into your software product or business processes.

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Reduce costs, enable efficient scale, improve accuracy and provide product experiences that ‘wow’ your customers using the latest in AI.


Who should use this service

If you are a technology leader in one of the following situations: 

  • You’ve seen AI used elsewhere, and want to apply it
  • You have many manual processes that previously couldn’t be automated
  • You want to leverage AI beyond “personal assistant” functions and use it in your products or processes
  • You have AI-ready data and want to start using it to make better decisions
  • You want to compete with larger organisations by leveraging AI tech to level the playing field

Benefits of AI implementation

  • Build a competitive advantage vs companies not leveraging AI
  • Eliminate human error and provide amazing service 24×7
  • Enable better decision making and scalability
  • Reduce costs by streamlining roles and processes
  • Enhance your user experience with generative AI

Oberlo Cost Benefits of Adopting AI

How AI implementation works

Most AI platforms provide API’s enabling you to integrate your software product or systems. The API typically charges a small fee (similar to AWS) on a per-call basis for access, and agrees not to use your data for training purposes (so you maintain the confidentiality of your data). 

You can also train AI services (such as those provided by AWS) on your specific data sets to analyse images or videos, generate insights and personalise online experiences.

If you are not sure how AI could relate to your business or whether you have the right data, check out our AI readiness service.

Our AI implementation Process

Implementation of AI is very similar to other software integration projects. We take it further by understanding how to leverage your data, and what questions to ask to get the most out of your data. 


Understanding Goals

Our head of engineering and senior product manager work with you to understand your businesses goals and requirements to determine the best solution for your situation. 


Detailed solution design and optional prototype

Our team evaluates and presents the cost benefits involved in implementing the AI solution, including the potential ROI to your business, including cost reductions and efficiency gains, and can make iterations to the solution to meet your requirements. 



Our developers develop the AI solution and integrate it with your current systems. This step includes optional training of the AI solution if required.


Ongoing development and support

We continually monitor and optimise your solution’s performance to ensure it’s delivering the best possible outcomes. We will also grow its capabilities through ongoing development.

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Which AI services can you implement?

We can apply any AI service with an API that allows integration. Typically this is AI’s such as, ChatGPT, DALL-E,  and MidJourney. We also work with AWS’ AI services, such as Rekognition, Textract and Lex. 


Can you develop an AI for us?

We are a custom software development agency. We identify, train and tailor third party AI platforms and services (eg, OpenAI or Stability) to meet your needs. Creating an AI is not within the scope of our services.


How much data is required to train an AI, and does my business need to own the data or can it use publicly available data?

The amount of data required to train an AI model depends on factors including the complexity of the problem, the type of data you have, the size of the model and the performance required. We will scope all of this out for you.

Your business must own or be allowed to use the data (unless the data is in the public domain). We strongly caution against training models with sensitive information or personal identifiable information (PII).


Which AI services can’t you implement?

We cannot create AI models, and we cannot work with AI platforms that do not provide API access.


What are the limitations?

The primary limitation is the data you have access to, combined with the data already available to the AI you’re implementing. If you aren’t sure what to do with your data, check out our AI readiness service.


How long does it take to implement AI?

From a few days to a few months depending on the complexity. Contact us to get a an estimate based on your requirements.


Can I implement more than one AI and have them co-operate/work together?

Yes. A combination of tools can often create amazing outcomes.


What are the costs associated with AI implementation, and how will they be justified to stakeholders?

The costs involved can vary depending on the solution implemented, but can include: 
– Hiring of developers and tech experts if you decide to implement in-house 
– Maintenance of the solution 
– Training and education for your employees on how to use the AI

However the benefits that you can communicate to stakeholders can negate many of the above costs, and provide a significant ROI, which we evaluate for you in our implementation service. Benefits include: 
– Cost reductions and increased efficiencies 
– Save resource costs, with AI replacing some roles and automating tasks 
– Reducing human error which can decrease costs 
– Generate content and data immediately, rather than paying a contractor