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We place our local, full time software experts into your team, helping you to turbocharge performance, and deliver faster.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

  • You need to scale up
  • Your project(s) are falling behind
  • You need to add specialist skills but can’t find them
  • Your team needs an injection of fresh thinking/ideas/best practice
  • A team member has resigned (or is about to resign)

Who should use this service

If you run a development team and are in one of the following situations: 

  • You need to scale up
  • Your project(s) are falling behind
  • You need to add specialist skills but can’t find them
  • Your team needs an injection of fresh thinking/ideas/best practice
  • A team member has resigned (or is about to resign)

How Staff Augmentation works

We place our full time, local software experts into your team, providing hard to find, high-quality talent that accelerates delivery at every stage of your development process. Typical engagements are 3-12 months, but you have the flexibility to engage for as little as a few days or as long as you need.

Our team is trained to integrate seamlessly with you, works in-house or remote, and includes specialist:


  • Software Developers
  • Full Stack Developers
  • Front End Developers
  • Back End Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Mobile Developers
  • Java Developers


  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Product Managers
  • System Architects
  • DevOps Engineers
Staff augmentation team working in the office

Our process


Understand needs

If you have a compelling strategy and roadmap, we meet to understand your deliverables, timeline, and the number and type of specialists required. If you don’t have a compelling strategy and roadmap our Strategy/UX team can help you.
Outcome: Agreed roles and commercial terms


Candidate selection

We have a bench of proven consultants ready for immediate deployment so you can skip the usual notice period for new hires. If you need talent that’s not on our bench we run the entire interview and technical assessment process.
Outcome: Specialists ready for deployment, without distracting you from delivery.



We integrate our specialists within your team, ensuring they are set up for success and on-boarded into your business. We set them up with all of the equipment they need, you don’t have to do anything. A single monthly invoice makes budgeting and reconciliations easy. 
Outcome: Productive specialist accelerating your delivery


Performance improvement

You maintain control, and manage the specialist as you see fit. We proactively collect performance feedback from you each month. This is used in our fortnightly one on ones with the specialist to provide coaching, training & development. The specialists we embed in your team are supported by our entire agency team of 60 tech specialists.
Outcome: You get increasing value from the specialist every month.


Scale up and down as needed

As your needs evolve you can extend your engagement, or add or remove skills on-demand. In the rare event a specialist isn’t the right fit, we replace them at no cost. After engaging one of our specialists for 12 months you can even hire them as a permanent team member.
Outcome: Your team has the right size and skills to deliver what you need at all times.

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Do I still maintain control of my project and team?

Control of the project remains yours, and you keep your strategy intact, distributing the work among all team members – both in-house and outsourced. Our specialists contribute as members of your team and you manage them accordingly.


What is the Staff Augmentation supplier responsible for?

We provide qualified, professional software talent to suit your needs. We then help on-board our specialists, and support their ongoing performance, learning and development via fortnightly 1-on-1’s and feedback sessions.


How much does it cost?

Hiring directly is often falsely perceived as more cost effective than staff augmentation.

However, once you consider the direct and indirect costs of a permanent hire (sick leave, holiday leave, superannuation, hardware, training, recruitment fees, redundancy and replacement costs and the hassle and loss of focus it involves) vs staff augmentation, the cost is similar. Don’t take our word for it – contact us and we’ll share a comparison calculator so you can make an informed choice. 

The value generated by staff augmentation is far higher than the cost as a result of the flexibility, scalability and skills it provides. 

Check out our Augment my team packages – Single specialist and Whole team for more pricing information.


Do I need to provide equipment and training?

No, we provide all of the resources the specialists require. You don’t have to worry about hardware, desk space, perks and benefits or training. Specialists have access to our training and development resources, as well as our internal staff. 


Do I have to worry about superannuation, sick leave, holiday leave or payroll tax?

No, There are no permanent costs, no need for sick leave, holiday leave, superannuation, or payroll tax.


What is your process when assessing candidates?

We check your requirements against our bench to see if there’s someone suitable for immediate deployment. If there’s nobody suitable on our bench, we search our existing database of 20,000+ local candidates (many of them pre-screened), advertise via targeted ads and job boards, and reach out proactively to outstanding candidates.

We book interviews and have the first profiles ready for you to assess as soon as possible. Once candidate(s) have been vetted and deemed a good fit by both our team and yours, we start the onboarding process. We have a thorough and impartial interview process, consisting of the below steps: 
– Resume screening
– Phone screening
– Candidate completes a practical test online which is assessed by hands on, technical experts
– Interview – a mix of questions on both cultural and skills fit. After the interview we will meet with you to discuss feedback on the candidate and the interview. 
– Thorough reference checks – with structured questions enabling a thorough evaluation of the candidates past performance. Not just a box ticking exercise – this is an opportunity to dig deeper to understand motivations, culture fit and contribution.


How fast can I get someone?

Immediately if the skillset you need is on our bench. If we need to hire for the role it can take one to six weeks. Contact us to check availability.


If I need them long term – can I extend the engagement?



Can I hire one of the specialists full time?

Yes, provided you’ve engaged the specialist for a minimum of twelve months.


How does it compare with hiring contractors directly?

VS hiring contractors, staff augmentation gets you faster access to higher quality talent with less effort. Here’s why:

– Faster access to candidates due to our bench and existing database of qualified/vetted candidates.
– Less time and cost involved in recruitment: attracting, screening, interviewing, tech testing and reference checking candidates. 
– Higher quality candidates due to our proven recruitment process. 
– Higher accountability including a replacement guarantee so you’re covered if anything goes wrong. We’ve been delivering successfully for 20 years (and intend on being here for the next 20!).
– Contractors usually have minimal or no notice periods, meaning they can stop work at any time. Our staff augmentation team have a four week notice period.

Case Studies


In 2020, IPSI engaged 4mation for our team augmentation service. Due to the COVID pandemic and rising demand for their services, they needed help meeting project demands and growing their team with highly skilled developers.

eCommerce Software development Technology Web design & development


In May 2018, Integrity engaged 4mation for our team augmentation service. They needed to scale-up their staff to create engaging experiences for their users and maintain a consistent level of development resource.