Project rescue

Get your existing project back on track

We help untangle your existing development project and provide recommendations to bring your project back to life.


  • Get your project back on track to achieve desired outcomes
  • Get advice on whether to rescue your project or start again
  • Access diverse skills and experience
  • Secure and scalable development of your product

Who should use this service

If you are a technology leader with a project in one or more of the following situations:

  • Multiple missed deadlines
  • Your project has bugs and sub-optimal code
  • Your developer(s) left unexpectedly
  • You need experienced developers with the skills to complete your project
  • You’ve lost faith in your current agency or developer

How it works

Our team works collaboratively with you to analyse your current objectives, requirements and problems with your current project. 

We adopt a pragmatic vs one size fits all approach – we consider all options from refining requirements, implementing unit tests to re-designing and re-developing your project to get it back in the right direction.

Developer rescuing a failed project

Signs that you need a project rescue:

  • Lack of visibility on progress
  • Bugs never seem to be resolved
  • Significant technical debt, system glitches and incompatible plugins
  • Non-functional end-product
  • Unexplained delays on the timeline
  • Solution not aligned with business goals

Our process


Review and recommendations

We understand your project requirements and goals. We conduct a technical audit and a documentation audit to understand what’s been done to date, identify the root cause of problems and create a practical action plan with timelines and milestones to get your project back on track.


Development and test 

We adopt an agile approach, working closely with you to conduct continuous improvements through regular, incremental releases of features and functionality. All features and functionality are tested to ensure the quality of your solution. We typically run tests including – unit tests, integration tests, functional, user and performance testing, depending on the complexity of your project.


Post Launch

Our team is available to respond to your requests or feedback, and we provide proactive insights and advice. Our Agile Innovation Packages are available if you require ongoing innovation and maintenance of your product.

Software developers doing project rescue

We are ready to help


Do you outsource your development or is it done locally in Australia?

All of our development is done here in Australia. Your project is delivered by our local developers based in Sydney, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast.

How much does it cost to rescue my project from start to finish? 

It depends on the state of your project. Rescue projects we work on range from $15,000 to $500,000+ for larger projects. Contact us if you’d like an estimate based on your situation.

What do I need to prepare for project rescue?

Ideally we would like:
– Functional specifications: what your product intends to achieve
– Jira or project management documents: detailing the status of your project and the development work done to date
– A run through with you to show us where the gaps are from a functional perspective

What information do you need from my previous developer/agency?

Nothing. Provided we have access to your systems, we can take it from here. However, handovers can reduce the time and effort required. Contact us and we can help you with templates and wording to help ensure a seamless handover with your current developer or agency. 

How much more work is there to finish my project?

This depends on the state of your project – what’s been done to date, bugs needing to be fixed and the complexity of your project. Contact us if you’d like an estimate based on your situation.

Can you help me assess the quality of my project?

Yes. We can provide an independent review of your project, and provide insights and options to get you back on track. 

How do I know if you’re any better than my current agency or developer?

We have experience with rescue projects and turning projects around to achieve business goals. 

With over 21+ years of software development experience, we are trusted by Australia’s fastest-growing startups, scaleups and enterprises to deliver secure and scalable digital products. Check out our case studies to see our previous work. 

Don’t take our word for it, Contact us and we’ll happily arrange a discussion with our existing clients so you can hear directly what’s it’s like to work with us.

Case studies


Custom made robust application with intuitive user experience

4mation are sensational. They know what they are doing and deliver quality development on time and budget.

Diana Vizard Marketing Manager, Grace Removals Group