Engagement models

Choose between our engagement models to suit your needs.

Project delivery

Project delivery is ideal if you have well-defined project requirements that you wish to develop. This engagement model pairs payment milestones with deliverables. Our team of experts manage the entire project internally from discovery to final delivery of your project.

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Agile Innovation Packages

Agile Innovation Packages (AIP) entitle you to a minimum number of hours from our in-house software delivery teams at a discounted rate in return for a longer-term commitment. We get reliable revenue to retain our expert team and build familiarity with your business to create value for you on an ongoing basis.

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Team augmentation

Team augmentation gives you access to our specialist pool of talent, delivering the skills you need on-demand. Add and remove resources as your project requirements change, without the commitment and overheads of full-time employees.

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Engagement models comparison

Not sure which engagement model to choose for your project? Here are some key points to help you decide.

Project deliveryAgile innovation packagesTeam augmentation
Project sizeAnyAnyLarge
Project typeOne-offOngoingOngoing
Project requirementsDefinedFlexibleFlexible
Project management4mation4mationYou

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