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A custom website development that enables All The Deals to reduce its bounce rate by 35%

With modern frameworks and an optimised database, the number of deals listed has been able to grow. All The Deals have worked with 4mation to ensure continual innovation by increasing the sites’ front-end delivery efficiency.

The story

Back in 2011, All The Deals approached us to redevelop their existing website into an exciting and engaging site for their users, which would pull deals from over 100 different websites into one centralised location. Since then, we have worked together on a range of projects and features to develop new, alternative, and exciting ways of delivering deals and bargains to their users.

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We first engaged 4mation to build a new version of the All The Deals website in 2011. We were keen to build a relationship with a local, reliable team, and 4mation offered the best mix of technologies, processes, skills sets and dedication not seen anywhere else in the industry. The team have shown great ability and dedication during each of these projects and we look forward to working with 4mation for many years to come.

Alexei Petrou Founder, All The Deals

The challenge

4mation Technologies worked with All The Deals, developing a custom website solution using a CakePHP back-end to make All The Deals’ dream a reality.

The scope of the project was considerably large, as the aim was to feature bargains from over 120 deals sites, a large Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) component, and a daily email to be sent to up to 50,000 customers every day using the 4mation Email Marketing System (EMS). 

Since working together we have continuously strived to deliver solutions that would work towards giving users’ the best possible browsing experience. From its origins, until today, the user has always been the focal point of product development.

The result

Initial results were immensely positive, with metrics showing the first week of launch had a bounce rate drop from nearly 60% to 25% and a time on site increase from 1:32 to almost seven minutes.

Some major development milestones from the last 6 years include:

  • Launch of a UK-based version of the site
  • Development and maintenance of Android and Apple Apps to allow mobile users a faster and cleaner browsing experience.
  • Integration with third party Email Marketing System and Content Delivery Network to provide the fastest possible delivery method.
  • Redevelopment of the website layout and style to allow a fully responsive design, focused entirely on providing a positive user experience.
  • Launch of a US-based version of the site. During this phase, we worked closely with the AU and UK codebase, bringing them together into a single system that would simplify further regional launches.
  • Google Maps integration to deliver a whole new browsing experience.

Through continual innovation, and working with All The Deals to determine the most important needs of their users,  we have kept the site moving forward, recently updating to the latest version of CakePHP, cutting down on database redundancy and increasing the efficiency of the sites’ front-end delivery. Constant development and releases of features have been a focus for All The Deals including recently, a switch to GPS based locations has allowed access to more relevant, targeted deals. Users have also been given more control as to what deals they want to be delivered by email, as well as being able to choose the day, and even the time of email delivery.

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