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Understand how to win in your space and work out what to build, with fresh ideas and insights to achieve your project or business goals.


  • Understand how to win in your space.
  • Work out what (and what not) to develop.
  • Validate critical assumptions to de-risk your plan.
  • Understand the time and cost of your plans.
  • Get buy-in from your stakeholders.

Who should use this service

If you’re a leader considering a software development project, in one of the following situations:

  • You have a business goal or challenge that you’re not sure how to solve.
  • You have a brief or specification and want to validate it
  • You need to determine your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) features.
  • You want fresh ideas and insights to disrupt your competitors or avoid disruption yourself.

Do you already have a solution in mind? Check out our develop software or an app packages.

Do you have doubts about the status of your current project and want an independent assessment? Check out our rescue an existing project packages.



Get ideas and mockups designs

Final report two weeks from commencement

  • Discovery session
  • Recommendations & insights
  • Idea mockup design
  • Quantitative review
  • Qualitative review
  • Information architecture design
  • User journey design
  • Competitor analysis & feature triage
  • Market analysis
  • Wireframe design
$10,000 + GST


Get validated ideas
and designs

Final report three weeks from commencement

  • Discovery session
  • Recommendations & insights
  • Idea mockup design
  • Quantitative review
  • Qualitative review
  • Information architecture design
  • User journey design
  • Competitor analysis & feature triage
  • Market analysis
  • Wireframe design
$26,000 + GST


Get ready to
develop solutions

Final report four weeks from commencement

  • Discovery session
  • Recommendations & insights
  • Idea mockup design
  • Quantitative review
  • Qualitative review
  • Information architecture design
  • User journey design
  • Competitor analysis & feature triage
  • Market analysis
  • Wireframe design
$46,000 + GST

Service companies can be difficult to assess from the outside – every decent company has some glossy promo material, a great website and positive reviews. But the only way to be certain it’s a fit is to use the service, and decide from the inside. 

We’re so confident you’ll receive a ROI of 200%+ from our proven strategy service that we’re willing to provide a money back guarantee. Work with our team, with no risk, and decide from the inside.

*Available to companies with 50-200 staff, and when invoices are paid on time.

How it works

Our strategists draw on our 21 years of software development experience working with some of Australia’s fastest growing startups, scaleups and corporates. 

This experience, and our step by step process enables us to provide valuable ideas, inspiration and insights not available to organisations who attempt digital strategy internally.

We work closely with you through workshops, followed by research to provide you with valuable insights and determine and document a solution that achieves your unique goals.

Our team providing ongoing support

Our process



Identifying your key objectives and challenges to solve for. (Eg: Increasing conversion, generating entirely new revenue streams, improving user experience, enabling scalability, creating operational efficiencies, digitally transforming your business etc)



Understanding your current assets, capabilities, risks and opportunities.


Ideas and solutions

Based on your situation, goals and competitors, and our industry and technology insights, we provide ideas, solutions and their implications for your consideration. We work closely with you to prioritise items with the greatest impact and lowest cost.

Our clients


Do I still maintain control of my project and team?

Control of the project remains yours, and you keep your strategy intact, distributing the work among all team members – both in-house and outsourced. Our specialists contribute as members of your team and you manage them accordingly.

What is the Staff Augmentation supplier responsible for?

We provide qualified, professional software talent to suit your needs. We then help on-board our specialists, and support their ongoing performance, learning and development via fortnightly 1-on-1’s and feedback sessions.

How much does it cost?

Services like staff augmentation are sometimes perceived as more expensive than hiring directly.

However, once you consider the direct and indirect costs of a permanent hire (sick leave, holiday leave, superannuation, hardware, training, recruitment fees, redundancy and replacement costs and the hassle and loss of focus it involves) vs staff augmentation, the cost is similar. Don’t take our word for it – contact us and we’ll share a comparison calculator so you can make an informed choice. 

The value generated by staff augmentation is far higher than the cost as a result of the flexibility, scalability and skills it provides. 

Do I need to provide equipment and training?

No, we provide all of the resources the specialists require. You don’t have to worry about hardware, desk space, perks and benefits or training. Specialists have access to our training and development resources, as well as our internal staff. 

Do I have to worry about superannuation, sick leave, holiday leave or payroll tax?

No, There are no permanent costs, no need for sick leave, holiday leave, superannuation, or payroll tax.

What is your process when assessing candidates?

We check your requirements against our bench to see if there’s someone suitable for immediate deployment. If there’s nobody suitable on our bench, we search our existing database of 20,000+ local candidates (many of them pre-screened), advertise via targeted ads and job boards, and reach out proactively to outstanding candidates.

We book interviews and have the first profiles ready for you to assess as soon as possible. Once candidate(s) have been vetted and deemed a good fit by both our team and yours, we start the onboarding process. We have a thorough and impartial interview process, consisting of the below steps: 
– Resume screening
– Phone screening
– Candidate completes a practical test online which is assessed by hands on, technical experts
– Interview – a mix of questions on both cultural and skills fit. After the interview we will meet with you to discuss feedback on the candidate and the interview. 
– Thorough reference checks – with structured questions enabling a thorough evaluation of the candidates past performance. Not just a box ticking exercise – this is an opportunity to dig deeper to understand motivations, culture fit and contribution.

How fast can I get someone?

Immediately if the skillset you need is on our bench. If we need to hire for the role it can take one to six weeks. Contact us to check availability.

If I need them for longer – can I extend the engagement?


Can I hire one of the specialists full time?

Yes, provided you’ve engaged the specialist for a minimum of twelve months.

How does it compare with hiring contractors directly?

VS hiring contractors, staff augmentation gets you faster access to higher quality talent with less effort. 

– Faster access to candidates due to our bench and existing database of qualified/vetted candidates.
– Less time and cost involved in recruitment: attracting, screening, interviewing, tech testing and reference checking candidates. 
– Higher quality candidates due to our proven recruitment process. 
– Higher accountability including a replacement guarantee so you’re covered if anything goes wrong. We’ve been delivering successfully for 20 years (and intend on being here for the next 20!).
– Contractors usually have minimal or no notice periods, meaning they can stop work at any time. Our staff augmentation team have a four week notice period.

Case studies


Driving innovation and growth using additional developers: IPSI


Providing on-demand quality tech specialists

The quality and calibre of 4mation’s people are extremely high. We jointly defined the skills sets needed and cultural fit beforehand, the augmentation staff interacted extremely well with our team and hit the ground running.

Michael Donoghue CEO, IPSI

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