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Tenderbids is a startup that makes it easy for builders to hire top quality and highly rated subcontractors. We developed a comprehensive contracting marketplace utilising a no-code platform in just three months.

The story

The construction industry is large, and competition for work is fierce. In this environment, it can be difficult for highly skilled builders and subcontractors to develop their reputation. Price rivalry can result in a race to the bottom, and the craftsmanship and overall quality of work can be compromised. 

Having worked in his family-owned business for many years, Domenic Zappia, founder of Tenderbids, saw an opportunity to improve the industry.

Tenderbids was built to:

  • Connect builders with contractors who are hungry for more work
  • Create better transparency & more competition
  • Ultimately improve the quality of construction
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The challenge

Domenic was new to developing software, so required guidance on what to build. Our team conducted an initial investigation, providing Tenderbids with a range of potential solutions.

After discussion, Tenderbids settled on an MVP web application that would allow them to test the market and raise funds for a more fully featured/customised platform.

The development process was:

The main features built for Tenderbids were:

  • Role-based login system
  • User profile and job history
  • Criteria-based matching engine, including distance-based matching
  • Subscription payments via Stripe

TenderBids App

The result

The build took 3 months from commencement to completion. www.tenderbids.com.au was successfully launched in early 2023 and is currently scaling up.

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