WordPress development

Empower your vision with dynamic and scalable WordPress solutions

Bring your digital vision to life by building innovative, and user-friendly websites with our specialised WordPress development services. Enabling you to convert more visitors into valuable customers.


  • Easy content management without coding knowledge
  • Scalability from a few pages to thousands
  • Easily customisable, with plugins and themes for personalisation
  • Clean code and SEO support to enhance search engine visibility
  • Mobile-friendly websites accessible on all device types

Who should use this service

If you are a technology leader in one of the following situations: 

  • You need an easy-to-manage and professional website built
  • You need customisable, SEO-friendly, and content focused platforms
  • You want to build a website that is scalable, and secure
  • You need a website that integrates seamlessly with 3rd party tools

How it works

Our expert designers and developers leverage the best of WordPress to bring your digital vision to life. We offer total transparency on project status, priorities and the development progress, collaborating with you every step of the way. 

Whether you require a new custom website, redevelopment of an existing site, or website migration to WordPress, we deliver high-quality and scalable solutions to help you succeed.

4mation wordpress web development system

Our process



We establish your goals and business requirements. Whether your goal is to increase conversion rates, enhance user experience or undergo a complete redesign, we identify the features that will generate the greatest impact for your business.


Ideas and solution

We brainstorm innovative ideas and solutions based on your unique needs and develop a design that reflects your brand.


Build, test and review

We develop your WordPress site, rigorously test it for performance and user experience, and collaborate with you to review and provide feedback. 


Post launch

We provide ongoing support for your website post-launch. Our team is available to respond to requests, make proactive recommendations and assist with ongoing innovation and performance improvement. 

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We are ready to help


What is WordPress development?

WordPress is an industry standard website platform that grew from a blogging system to running the sites of large companies and powering 27% of the web. WordPress has enormous developer support, tens of thousands of freestyle and functionality and customisations, and proven continual improvement with a detailed roadmap for the future.

Can I update my WordPress website content by myself?

Yes, one of its key benefits is that it is very user-friendly. We will ensure you are comfortable updating content before we hand over the site.

Will my WordPress site be mobile-friendly?

Yes, we ensure all of our WordPress designs are responsive and can adapt to different screen sizes and provide an optimal user experience on any device.

Can I convert my existing website to WordPress?

Yes, we can definitely migrate your website across to WordPress, with minimal disruption.

Can WordPress handle e-commerce functionality? 

Yes, we can use plugins such as WooCommerce to efficiently manage online stores, offering a range of e-commerce features.

Can I have multiple users on my WordPress site? 

Yes, WordPress allows multiple users with different roles and capabilities, making it a great option for large teams with lots of content collaborators.

Is WordPress secure for my website?

Yes, with best practice and regular updates it is a highly secure platform. We can also add extra security measures during implementation to further protect your site.