Symfony Development

Symfony is a PHP framework and a set of reusable components. It is one of today’s leading PHP development frameworks.


What Is Symfony?

Symfony is an open source PHP framework, created by SensioLabs, a French company. PHP developers work with the Symfony framework to create websites and applications, by using its sets of reusable components.

Why Use Symfony?


SensioLabs first released Symfony in 2005, which has continued to grow in popularity ever since. It boasts an active community of developers, integrators and contributors who help each other and constantly work to enrich the tool.


Symfony is a framework that provides speed, flexibility and saves time through the reusability of its components. Furthermore, Symfony constantly innovates by seeking out ideas in other languages, adapting them to the world of PHP. For instance, Symfony applied the principle of dependency injection from the Java world to PHP.


Symfony boasts a vast user community that helps each other through questions and challenges. Furthermore SensioLabs provides training and consulting services to web development professionals.


Symfony respects PHP de facto standards such as naming conventions for classes, for instance. This is useful, because Symfony allows the use of certain pieces of its building blocks without using the framework in its entirety. This way, developers only use what they need without bloating their code.

Our Symfony Development Services

PHP Consulting

Our digital strategists and project managers work with you to shape and assess your requirements. This will help determine what solutions and technologies will best fit the needs of your business.

Custom PHP & Symfony Development

Our experienced PHP developers work with Symfony and other PHP frameworks to develop fast, reliable applications and software solutions that will help you reach your goals.

Project Rescue

Not satisfied wit the delivery of your current PHP development project? Many of our clients are happy they chose us to rescue their existing project and make it a success. Contact our team!

Continuous Innovation

Our Agile Innovation Packages give you a set of hours that are allocated to consulting, development and support each month. This helps us fine tune your solutions and provide continuous improvement to help achieve your long-term goals.

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The local Sydney-based team of 60+ developers, designers, marketers and project managers work together following the agile principles.

The agile framework helps us deliver reliable solutions, with robust working methods that maximise the value we bring to our clients every day.

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