The Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Services

2016 saw a massive migration to the Cloud in IT infrastructure, with AWS and Azure the forerunners of the serverless trend.

Cloud services is a dynamic way to manage your business needs by utilising the delivery of hosted services over the internet. No matter what type of industry you’re in, your business depends on applications that run reliably and securely, that scale to fit your needs.

AWS and Azure are the leaders in execution and vision for Cloud services. They offer highly durable storage services, low latency databases and a suite of application development tools you only pay for as you use. Capacity planning becomes easier and experimentation is fast and low risk, delivering power for resources at a low cost and providing value to your customers faster.

If It’s Not Broke, Why Fix It?

Most businesses opt with sticking with what currently works, and while that is a valid strategy, the number of benefits in implementing the right cloud strategy are immense.

1. Reduced Costs

  • Pay for what you use
  • Avoid paying large hosting fees for small usage
  • Reduce costs in employing and managing IT resources
  • Reduced costs with ongoing maintenance, problems with servers & buying new equipment

2. Redeployment of Current IT Resources

  • With your IT infrastructure in the Cloud, you no longer have to manage your own servers
  • Can utilise your IT department for other, higher value work

3. Scalability

  • Cloud services grow with your business – add and remove capacity elastically

4. Reliability

  • More reliable than traditional hosting services
  • No single point of failure

5. Flexibility

  • Can experiment with new ideas very quickly and without cost or lack of resources
  • Adapt quickly to new marketing trends
  • Drive innovation to make new ideas feasible
  • Make changes instantly with the click of a button

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I am a technically-minded and results-oriented professional with experience in software testing, agile methodologies, scrum mastery, and product development; the combination of which gives me a rich understanding of the digital space.

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