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Empowering Efficiency - AI-Driven Enquiry Handling for NATA's Member Onboarding

NATA, the National Association of Testing Authorities, is Australia’s leading national accreditation body. A non-for profit recognised by the government to assess organisations against a number of international standards for laboratories, inspection bodies, proficiency testing scheme providers and reference material producers.

We worked closely with NATA to design and build a successful Proof of Concept (PoC) that demonstrated accurate AI-Driven enquiry handling for NATA’s member onboarding processes. This AI system recommends appropriate actions, and streamlines the enquiry routing processes for NATA.

The story

NATA wanted to explore AI integration to enhance their member onboarding process, particularly in efficiently handling and categorising incoming enquiries. 

To deliver this initiative, NATA needed a technology partner that could provide the strategic guidance and technical specialisation to workshop a viable solution. With our track record in AI development, implementation and tailored solutions, a partnership with 4mation was formed. Since August 2021 we’ve been NATA’s go-to for custom development of business-critical applications, including their Member Accreditation Portal. 

The challenge

NATA was facing challenges in efficiently handling and categorising incoming enquiries, leading to delays and potential errors in responses. 

Wanting to ensure that our proposed solution is feasible and would effectively tackle the problems NATA set out to address, we began with developing a PoC to validate the solution outcomes. 

The goal of the PoC was clear: develop an AI-driven prototype to automate enquiry handling and categorisation during NATA’s member onboarding process.

The solution

We developed a PoC focusing on categorising enquiries accurately based on a predefined criteria and recommending appropriate actions using the A2Z list. The PoC generates a similarity score for the incoming enquiries using pineconeDB and A2Z list. 

OpenAI was instrumental in understanding ongoing conversation context, generating human-readable responses using the best match data point.

There were several core technologies we chose to utilise here:

  • OpenAI: Provides best-in-class natural language processing.
  • Next.js: A React framework for writing public APIs, interacting with PineconeDB and OpenAI APIs.
  • Vercel: Facilitated zero-configuration deployments for Next.js applications, converting backend APIs into server-less functions, saving on hosting costs.
  • PineconeDB: A vector database used for converting and storing the A2Z list as vectors, offering high-performance search and similarity matching.

The result

Implementation of the AI-driven prototype significantly enhanced NATA’s efficiency in handling enquiries, has reduced response times and ensured prompt redirection to appropriate personnel. 

The PoC demonstrates high accuracy in categorising enquiries and recommending actions, resulting in increased user satisfaction and efficiency in enquiry routing. This solution has set the stage for further AI integration to enhance NATA’s member onboarding process.

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