SG Fleet

Development of an online vehicle storefront and quoting system

By focusing on a simple intuitive user experience, 4mation created an online quote calculator that increased quotes by 500%.

The story

SG Fleet Group Limited (SG Fleet) is a significant player in the international fleet management and leasing industry. They have operations in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. SG Fleet manages in excess of over 100,000 assets and is also a leading provider of vehicle salary packaging solutions.

4mation was chosen to develop an online vehicle storefront and quoting system for SG Fleet. Users can now compare and customise their vehicles. Our goal was to provide a simple, intuitive user experience with a strong emphasis on performance.

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“The entire design, development and implementation process with 4mation was extremely positive resulting in an excellent system that has delivered value to both our customers and SG Fleet. 4mation are a great team to work with and I look forward to our next collaboration.”

Chris Horton, Application Development Manager, SG Fleet

The challenge

An initial review of SG Fleet’s quote calculator allowed us to determine the user journey, identify pain points and user delays. From this, we produced wireframe sketches with SG Fleet and proceeded to prototype the entire user journey. We then went on to create a style guide for the entire system and applied this to the layouts during the building phase of the user interface. These adjustments were made to the existing system to remove or reduce the pain points identified in the system review.

Our development used a single page application to create a seamless experience for users. The focus on speed was vital for this project, due to the large amount of data and third-party apps which were being communicated with. We used custom database indexing to improve speed and load data independently to get content to the screen in the shortest possible time.

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The result

There has been a 500% increase in quotes following the launch of the redeveloped quote calculator.

The key to success for this project? Collaboration between designers, developers, and product stakeholders, aided by excellent project management.

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