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In May 2018, Integrity engaged 4mation for our team augmentation service. They needed to scale-up their staff to create engaging experiences for their users and maintain a consistent level of development resource.

The story

As a leader in the sector, Integrity is bringing an innovative and user-focused approach to life insurance. 4mation is proud to support Integrity via staff augmentation, working together since 2018 to ensure that Integrity has the resources to adopt a digital-first strategy.

Integrity was created out of a desire to disrupt the industry and improve life insurance in Australia. Integrity focuses on the care and welfare of people first, ensuring they receive life insurance that makes sense. Their honest approach to customers, and their innovative ideas, make them a very different proposition. With Integrity, you are not just a number.

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“4mation provided a great team that aren’t just great developers, they actively engage and support us in our mission and the work that we do.”

Fraser Hamilton Head of Development

The challenge

Over a two and a half year period, 4mation has augmented the Integrity team with 17 talented people.

Integrity’s Fraser Hamilton, Head of Development, has said that “4mation provided a great team that aren’t just great developers, they actively engage and support us in our mission and the work that we do.”

The 4mation team at Integrity have included:

  • React Developers
  • .Net Developers
  • UI Designers
  • Tech Lead / Solutions Architect

Jasper Dunn, 4mation’s lead front end developer there, says that Integrity is continually adapting and improving its processes and feels “very much a part of that improvement and growth.”

“I’m a ‘no’ sayer. I believe in bringing people on side to realise just how important it is to say ‘no’ to complexity and getting back to building small, simple things”, says Jasper.

The assistance to Integrity’s staff has meant that the organisation has gained new perspectives on demand and a consistent level of development resource even during extended holidays or sick leave. 

We are embedded within the organisation and provide Integrity the flexibility through staff augmentation to scale up and down as budgets and business requirements change.

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The result

Day-to-day, 4mation team members work alongside BAs, designers, developers, testers, and business staff directly.

Our team at Integrity love the responsibility that comes with helping to build Integrity’s cutting-edge platform. We regularly brainstorm solutions, raise ideas and are passionate about developing quality solutions. Ignacio Barretto, a 4mation integration specialist, working at Integrity, explains, “We care about Integrity and its people. We care about the business and that it performs well, and that together we can achieve what they proposed.”

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