5 Innovative Ways Aussie Brands Are Using Google Assistant

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Scott Morris

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Google Assistant is a virtual personal assistant developed by Google. It helps individuals to find, organise and get things done in their world. It is Google’s next generation way of searching with Google. Users can access it wherever they are, from their mobile, smart home device, watch, laptop, car or smart TV.

Google Assistant can help users with over 1 million different actions. These actions help users perform tasks, plan their day and answer questions, all through voice commands. Brands can build apps that use Google Assistant technology to give Australians faster and easier access to their content, products and services.

After its launch in Australia last year, many brands were quick to take advantage of Google Assistant. It helps them provide more meaningful conversations with their customers, and ensures they stay competitive in a world of intelligent devices and voice technology. Here are some of the innovative ways Australian brands are have adopted Actions on Google Assistant.

Make Banking Easier

diagram - Using Google assistant for banking

Google Assistant is making it even easier for individuals to manage their finances. From checking account balances, tracking expenses, managing investments or checking financial markets.

Many Australian financial institutions have jumped on the bandwagon, including NAB who launched their ‘Talk to NAB’ app that works with Google Home or any smartphone equipped with Google Assistant. Users can ask Google Assistant a range of questions about their accounts, cards, loans, and internet banking.

NAB executive general manager, Jonathan Davey said “Providing instant help to basic questions gives our customers the convenience they want. It complements the work of our frontline bankers, ensuring they are spending more time with customers on the issues that are most valuable and important to them.”

Shop with Voice

Illustration - Users can shop through Google Assistant

During the 2017 holiday season, 1 in 4 shoppers used voice assistants for their Christmas shopping. In 2017, eBay teamed up with Google Assistant. This allowed Australians to shop from their Google Home and Android Smartphone in time for Christmas. Ebay claimed to be of the first brands to take advantage of multi-surface switching capability. This technology allows users to carry natural language conversations on Google Assistant to complete a purchase.

Around the same time, Officeworks announced their integration with Google Assistant that allows consumers to browse their entire catalogue, check the availability of items, create shopping lists and check store details. Managing aspects of their home and office remotely is now easier than ever. David Pisker, Officeworks customer experience and eCommerce manager, said “We are excited to provide customers with another way to engage with our brand anywhere, anytime and in any way they want.”

With 56% of online grocery shoppers using or planning to use voice-controlled smart assistant/speaker, Woolworths also developed an App for the Google Assistant. Customers can use their voice to build shopping lists and edit them wherever and whenever they like. They can then and use the lists in store or online.

Check your Daily Commute

Illustration - Using Google Assistant to plan a commute

‘What does my journey look like today?’ is the top of mind question for most daily commuters. In a push for digital first, Transport for NSW integrated their real-time database with the Assistant. Customers now have easy, hands-free access network updates and disruptions on their daily commute. RITA (Real-time Intelligent Transport Assistance) provides bus, train, ferry and light rail service information in Sydney and across NSW. Deputy secretary, Tony Braxton Smith said: “The organisation recognises that the information landscape is shifting towards voice service which is why it has been quick to innovate in this space… The best thing about RITA is the potential to shape and evolve the customer experience”

Manage Phone Accounts

Diagram - Using Google Assistant to manage mobile phone accounts

In an effort to simplify everyday tasks, Optus launched Optus Assistant for Google Assistant to help customers get details about their account faster and easier. Users can check their data usage and phone bill balance, as well as enquire roaming rates for different countries.

Vice President of Service, Mark Baylis, said, “The rapid uptake in voice assistant experiences such as Google Home has demonstrated there is a desire from consumers to simplify everyday tasks. With Optus Assistant for Google Assistant we’ve made it simple to manage your life admin like quickly checking your data usage or phone bill balance.”

Plan a Night Out

Diagram - using google assistant to decide what to do at night

Digital publisher Concrete Playground has unveiled a new app, ‘Guide to Tonight’ compatible with Google Assistant that helps Millennials plan their night out using voice control – the first of its kind to become available in Australia. Their app gives advice on what to do, whether you feel like a drink, a meal, a film or partying. It then asks a few follow-up questions. Within seconds, you have a recommendation tailored to your needs and wants.

Rich Fogarty, founder and director at Concrete Playground, said “We are continuously looking for new and more intuitive ways for our audience to maximise their surroundings and have a good time, and this app is the next step for us on that journey… It’s the future, and we want to be at the forefront of that to give our readers the best experience possible.”

Voice is the new frontier for Australian brands

Customers need to be able to solve problems and questions in the channels and moments that are convenient for them. It is the job of brands to make life simpler and easier for them.

Voice technology helps brands understand how customers want to talk to them, and what answers will assist them. Are you strategising and experimenting with omnichannel voice experiences? If not, you could quickly lose to those that are already exploring how to bring innovative tools to market with Google Assistant.

If your business is ready to make voice part of its digital strategy, contact our team today.

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