Adobe Experience Manager: the Solution to All of Your Digital Marketing Headaches

Sally Yau

Sally Yau

Marketing Coordinator

Are you using fragmented, ineffective websites and are looking for a unified digital marketing strategy across all platforms?

By 2020 it is predicted that 85% of a customer’s relationship with a brand will not include human interaction. Therefore, digital must be part of the design of every brand and product experience.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a leader in digital marketing strategy and offers a sophisticated way to combine online marketing content with uniform digital experiences across the customer journey. It delivers a world class digital experience management and delivery platform by enhancing the user experience of both customers and organizations alike.

What is AEM?

AEM is a web content management (WCM) system and digital marketing tool with a wide array of powerful features. Using a comprehensive system that integrates elements of the Adobe Experience Cloud, it is able to build uniform websites, mobile apps, and other platforms to make it incredibly easy to manage your marketing content and assets.

Forrester Research claims that ‘Adobe has built the best portfolio for companies with the greatest marketing need.’ AEM is a one stop shop. It integrates everything you need into a complete digital marketing platform and combines design and functionality to create a unified brand experience with a customised user experience.

How Does AEM Work?

AEM is a collaborative and scalable business software solution with a wide breadth of applications. Once specific components have been developed, it gives you the flexibility to control the look and feel of your brand across multiple platforms, construct pages from easy-to-use templates and gives you the freedom to publish personalised and relevant content quickly and easily. What began as a simple dynamic web page hosting product has grown to become a multifaceted toolkit for building, managing, delivering and optimizing digital experiences.

Businesses can now use AEM as a digital platform for analytics, receiving detailed, automated analysis of customer journeys and behaviours to help formulate marketing strategies. A customer might hear about a product on your social media, take quick look on your app, receive an email offer, then shop on your website. They might be on a phone, then a tablet, then a laptop, then a desktop and when they’re finally in store they expect all of these experiences to connect. There are thousands of possible customer journeys and the hassle of predicting which one they are going to take is removed. AEM delivers great customer experience by providing brand consistency and personalised content to create intuitive user experiences across all platforms.

Our Experience Can Help You Get There

The power that AEM can bring to an organisation is enormous, but realising its potential isn’t necessarily an easy road. Organisations can find it prohibitive, particularly in an environment of scarce AEM resources, to cost-effectively execute an AEM strategy. AEM has the potential to become challenging, expensive and cumbersome to implement, especially when inexperienced project teams over-engineer solutions.

We worked as an AEM consultant for what was a very frustrated client who were experiencing a large number of problems that were severely impacting the quality of their customer experience. They had invested a colossal amount of money with another development agency, who had left their project in a shambles.

The client did not have in-house AEM expertise, but knew that they weren’t getting the experience that they were promised. We were called in after the completion of principal development to assess the situation. With only a handful of developers from the development agency left working on the project, and after a number of changes in the team, the quality of work had become compromised. A lack of communication and poor processes in place resulted in a large number of flaws in their system. The inflexibility this caused meant a constant reliance on the development team to make very small changes to their digital content. All of this resulted in poor user experience across all platforms.

The heart of the problem was that there were no AEM specialists involved.

Our AEM Solution Architects were able to rescue their project by bringing their Adobe Marketing Suite experience and know-how to identify key problem areas and provide long-term solutions. We were able to improve the quality of work and the processes involved to create a connected digital experience across the customer journey and a uniform user experience across all channels.

Need Advice on AEM?

AEM is an exciting, powerful and game changing system that could transform the face, function and strategy of your company. Through implementing AEM, we are able to give you the tools to create and manage your website content and digital strategy with ease. If, like our client above, you are feeling burned by your current developer, or if you are interested in AEM and would like to discuss next steps, please contact us for an obligation-free consultation.

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