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Edward Wong

Edward Wong

Head of Strategy

Back in 2011, All The Deals approached us to redevelop their existing website into an exciting and engaging site for their users, which would pull deals from over 100 different websites into one centralised location. Since then, we have worked together on a range of projects and features to develop new, alternative, and exciting ways of delivering deals and bargains to their users. Alexei is the founder of All The Deals, see what he has to say about working with us!

See the full transcript of our interview below.

Why did you engage with 4mation?

I think this was 2011, I’d been running All The Deals for about 18 months at that point. The site was something I had built myself and I don’t have really great coding skills so I then employed lots of friends of friends to get the site up and running. The Group buying industry was really popular at that time we were getting some great traffic through to that site but I wasn’t really happy where that product was at. So the idea was to look for a professional team and the real catalyst for that was the site was featured on Today Tonight and suddenly the surface exploded and all that good stuff. I contacted the developer I was working with at the time and got an Out of Office from him saying he disappeared off to India with no ETA for his return so it was definitely time to look for a professional development team.

What has kept you around all these years?

I think the team are very easy to work with. I’ve worked with a lot of development teams both with All The Deals and from my previous career and they are definitely one of the easier teams to work with. They are also very competent at what they do, they know what to do and they get that done. They are also very professional so I can have no problems if I need them to talk directly to clients. It’s really helped me to hand over the development side of the business. I don’t have a technical co-founder to rely on so its given me the ability to hand over the development block-stock whilst I concentrate on building the other aspects of the business.

“Pretty much everything 4mation does is of a very high standard and above what would reasonably be expected… They’re just constantly looking for better ways of doing things whilst working on existing code.”

How have we helped your business?

It’s pretty much everything that we currently use in the business. We have a fully responsive website that looks great on mobile, tablets and desktop. We have an ingestion backend that takes these different feeds from all these different websites, all these different businesses and standardises them and brings them into one place. We also have a really complex email system that sends about 35,000 personalised emails every day so there’s some great examples.

Can you give an example of when 4mation went above and beyond?

I wouldn’t really say one experience, pretty much everything 4mation does is of a very high standard and above what would reasonably be expected. They’re always looking whilst they are developing new features and functions at the existing code for ways things can be improved, cleaned up, sped up and stuff like that. They’re just constantly looking for better ways of doing things whilst working on existing code.

What’s in store for the future?

We recently launched All The Deals UK and that’s been a great success today. Dependent on how that goes, and it is going well, we’re going to launch a number of other geographic markets. First up I think will be New Zealand and potentially US as well.

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