The Hidden Costs of Hiring an Internal Developer

Scott Morris

Scott Morris

Head of Team Augmentation

Great quality at an affordable price tends to be an elusive combination. We find many clients reaching out to us, eager to use our services but under the assumption that hiring an internal developer will be cheaper and will give them more control over their project.

We’ve put together a guide to show you what you might not have thought of and the benefits of working with 4mation over hiring an internal developer.


Outsourcing costs less long term. There’s the assumption it is cheaper to hire an internal developer without considering the other associated costs with hiring. Our AIP packages save you from committing to an annual salary plus financial benefits as well as the time and costs associated with internal time, training, fixing bugs, onboarding and downtime. Additionally, when your developer is off sick or away on annual leave, no work will be completed. You can utilise us when necessary and with our monthly API packages, you can scale the cost to your needs.


We offer more flexibility in delivering high-quality developers with a range of skill sets quickly as well as provide expertise that might not be in house. 4mation gives you the flexibility to scale your packages up and down faster with less risk than hiring your own developer and committing long term. 4mation also requires minimal management, allowing your business to concentrate on their core objectives.


With our large in-house and 100% local team, we have diversity in skill set and skill level, at your disposal, so you’re not relying on an all-rounder to do everything. We thrive on innovation, ensuring our developers are up to date with current trends and technologies, led by our Tech Direction Team. We have vast online learning resources as well as formal training sessions conducted by our head of learning. Solo internal developers typically build up a higher level of technical debt as they cannot benefit from skill, code or knowledge sharing in a leading edge team.

Hiring & Retention

Finding good talent is tough and it takes time to train a developer. It’s our business to be great at assessing, hiring, managing, training and retaining developers so we are good at it. When a solo developer leaves an organisation, usually their knowledge leaves with them, work cannot be completed until a replacement is hired and there are the hidden costs that come with onboarding and upskilling the replacement developer. Additionally, in those companies with a solo developer, the risk and cost of a bad hire are much higher.

We’re a Great Place to Work

Ranked #3 in 2016 for companies under 100 employees, we can attract and retain a calibre of developers that many organisations can’t. Great developers like to work with other great developers on a variety of interesting and different projects.

We are driven by client success

We are driven by our clients and helping to achieve their needs. We work collaboratively with our clients, blending technology with human expertise to deliver outcomes that will help your organisation get ahead. Our award winning customer service has earned us recognition amongst the industry, with our processes heavily relying on communication, transparency and feedback to constantly build our skills and offer the best service to our clients.

The biggest benefits of working with 4mation is your access to expert developers who know your requirements best and who can complete your project cost effectively and in a defined period of time without being burdened by other financial costs associated with the long-term commitment to an in-house developer. 4mation can not only help to build and develop your project but can provide strategy and ongoing support and maintenance for the entire lifecycle of your project.

We want to help you make the best decision for your business, call us now for more information.

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