Why 4mation Is a Great Place to Work

Billie Fowler

Billie Fowler

Head of People & Culture

Established in 2001, 4mation has always been dedicated to building great websites and software, but we’ve noticed recently that in addition to building great websites and software, we’re starting to build a pretty darn good place to work! In fact, aiming to be the best web development company to work at probably isn’t much of a stretch – so as well as focussing on being the best development company we can be, we’re now also striving to be the development company that all developers, designers and web project managers want to work at.

Why is 4mation a great place to work at?

Team work – people are hired based on their attitude, intelligence and capabilities, but no one can be a jack and master of all trades, so working together to produce outcomes means no one gets left alone struggling with a problem. Typically within talking distance there will be a colleague more than willing to help contribute to resolving a task and if not, there’s definitely someone within internal call distance!

Passion – without enthusiasm for web and digital, working life would be dull, so we ensure we only employ people who have real passion for our industry. This shared passion and commitment is evident in the quality of the projects we’re involved in, and the pride we take in producing great results for our clients.

Fun – no one wants to dread going to work feeling like they’re just a cog in a machine. Sure we’ve got a great environment, but it’s really the people that make 4mation such a fun place to work. We’re seriously focussed on high quality work, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously! Weekly sport in the park is great fun for those who enjoy getting outdoors, and the monthly social events are not to be missed!

The Environment – Our brand new offices are a short stroll from Central station, and Surry Hills’ cafes and pubs. 4mation values its people and the environment is designed to support high performance AND enjoyment. Fresh fruit, table tennis, the occasional in office massage from trained massage therapists, dual 24″ monitors, table tennis, pool, Xbox and huge TV are certainly a plus.

Do you fancy working at 4mation?

We’re always on the lookout for intelligent people with a passion for the web.
Even if there’s not a role listed that’s an exact fit for your skills, we would still like to hear from you if you’d like to work with us.
In fact, not only would we like to hear from you, we’d love to meet you and show you around, so drop us an email at careers@4mation.com.au or call us on 02 9213 1300.

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