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Scott Morris

Scott Morris

Head of Team Augmentation

Have you ever opened an email on your mobile device and immediately noticed how frustrating it is to view its contents? Often just to be able to read the text requires much zooming and scrolling—if your current email newsletter templates require your customers to do this, the frustration they experience could potentially be costing you sales and you may not be getting the value from your eDMs that you hoped.

As you travel to work, or order your coffee, count how many people around you are on their mobile phones. No doubt you will find that most of the people around you are on social media, researching a product or service they need, or reading emails.

According to a recent Litmus Email Analytics, 43% of email is now opened on a mobile device.

Here at 4mation, we’re very passionate about giving our clients the best in user experience. Over the last 12 months, we have worked on some really exciting projects, and have built some pretty cool

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