[Infographic] 9 Innovative Ways to Improve Your Customers’ Check Out Experience

Scott Morris

Scott Morris

Head of Team Augmentation

Did you know that 28% of customers abandon their order at checkout because of a long and/or complicated checkout experience? We want to help you increase your conversion rate, whilst making your customers’ lives easier. Here are 9 innovative ways to improve your customers’ checkout experience (in an infographic, of course) based on our recent article “9 Innovative Ways to Improve Your Customers’ Checkout Experience”.


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What’s in Our Infographic?

  • BigCommerce merchants who have introduced digital wallets saw an increase in their mobile conversion rate by 3X.
  • One of the biggest frustrations for users is long and complicated checkout processes. One study found that 28% of people abandon at checkout because of this, another 4% said because the credit card was declined.
  • According to Australia Post, you’ll reduce wastage and excess print or delivery costs with compliant addressing.
  • For Australians, the key drivers of click & collect are: avoiding home delivery charges (45%) and/or because it is more convenient than home delivery (37%).
  • Australia Post now has 24/7 Parcel Lockers at more than 260 sites, including selected Woolworths stores and train stations.
  • A recent study by Dropoff found that 43% of consumers expect companies to have “much faster” delivery times in 2018, a 23% increase over last year.
  • Two-thirds of online shoppers (63%) report they would definitely buy an item in their online shopping cart with next-day delivery.
  • LoginRadius found that there’s a 52% increase in conversion rate when online businesses provide a social login option.
  • Social commerce is a growing market with an expected annual growth rate of 34% between 2017 to 2021.


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