That Moment When You Realise You Should Have Swiped Left on Your Web Development Agency

Edward Wong

Edward Wong

Head of Strategy

So you’ve got the ‘post first-date’ blues. We all know that sinking feeling when you’re on a date and you realise it’s not going anywhere. Unlike dating, an investment in a major development project isn’t as easy as going back to tinder for another shot at love.

There are stakeholders wanting to see progress, budget constraints and severe time pressures so the decisions you make in this moment are critical. Finding the right agency won’t come down to swiping left or right, but if you’re in the position of needing to rescue your development project, these are the things you want to look for.

They are local and able to respond in real time

If you’re in need of rescue, chances are you may have been badly burned by the pitfalls of offshoring. Spare yourself the heartache and go with a local agency with a world-class in-house development team with deep experience across a broad range of technologies who are in your timezone and in easy reach.

They communicate openly and honestly

You don’t want someone who can just respond quickly, you want them to be honest and open with the information they communicate. Find an agency that will give you complete transparency on how your project is tracking, how much you’re spending, what’s been completed and what hasn’t and can commit to hard deadlines.  

They are experienced

Look for a portfolio and body of local case studies that build trust and confidence. They will be able to demonstrate the successful completion of projects with similar organisations and can provide relevant and tangible reference points.

You can see a future with them

When your project is successfully launched you don’t want to be left wondering if they are going to call you back. A good development agency will be motivated by your results and help you map out your next project to meet your short and long-term business goals.

If your project needs rescuing, act early and choose a partner that you would swipe right for. For more information on how we’ve helped organisations in similar situations, contact our team today for a confidential consultation.  

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